Fathers Get Their Day

June 21, 2015

By Andrew Eitelbach

Is the era of the dimwit dad in ads over? It may be.

In a recent survey by MediaPost, 83 percent of millennial parents believe ads should appeal to both mothers and fathers equally. One female participant in the study noted “I hate commercials that make fathers look like the lesser parent. It’s not funny. It puts out the message that men are incompetent and irresponsible at home. It’s a subtle message that men belong at work and women belong at home.” Brands, it seems, are listening
Check out the latest issue of ANA magazine to read how brands from Toyota to Dove to Cheerios are showing fathers in a new, more authentic light. 
Also in this issue: 

Plus! Don’t miss this month’s special section, from our partner Decideware, on the role of data visualization in mining for insights and business intelligence.  


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