Something’s Stirring

August 13, 2015

By Andrew Eitelbach

Whether you know it or not, the marketing industry faces what could be a major issue. Rearing its head earlier this year during a presentation at the ANA Media Leadership Conference, the topic of media transparency — or more accurately the lack of transparency in media buying and the obscured financial arrangements potentially lurking therein — has tinged marketer-agency conversations ever since.

The problem and how we overcome it, which are outlined in the cover story of this month’s ANA magazine, are of critical importance to the industry. Though the extent of the problem is still unknown, many believe this to be a make-it-or-break-it situation — a point of no return. In fact, to quote the article, Kamran Asghar, president and co-founder of Crossmedia, "believes the industry is at 'a very intense crossroads' and anticipates the system, as it currently exists, will collapse in the next three to five years.”

Getting this right is crucial, and something the ANA, along with a number of industry leaders, is working to solve. Read this month’s cover story, “The Eroding Cliff,” to find out how.

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