Awareness/Education Critical to Connected TV Growth

September 4, 2015

By Bill Duggan

ANA/BrightLine research findings (“The Connected TV Opportunity”) reveal that awareness and education about connected TV/OTT are critical to its future adoption and growth by advertisers. Only 43 percent of marketers claim to be “very” familiar with connected TV; if that same question were asked for cable TV, the response would likely be universal.

Connected TV is gaining traction as consumers are increasingly viewing content whenever/wherever they want. Some are “cutting the cord” — terminating traditional TV entirely in favor of connected TV/OTT subscriptions. While adaption of connected TV spans generations, younger consumers are particularly engaged.

As consumers continue to migrate to multiple screens/devices and penetration of connected TV continues to grow, it’s incumbent on marketers and their agency partners to explore the potential of video in any way it’s delivered. Connected TV advertising does not have to replace traditional linear television, but is an option to supplement it, and one which will increasingly offset the decline in traditional linear television ratings and reach.

The promise of connected TV allows advertisers to achieve similar benefits as their digital counterparts — including enhanced analytics, engagement, and audience targeting — but on the biggest and most influential screen in the home. By both targeting the media buy and enhancing relevant messaging in the subsequent interactive experience, marketers have the ability to reach consumers on a deeper, more personal level than ever before. As both the breadth of connected TV penetration (number of households) and depth (number of sets in each household) grows, the targetability of connected television will likely be enhanced.

The advertising industry stands to benefit from connected TV, which has the potential to amplify impressions and offer more total viewing hours to build on the existing television viewer base. If harnessed effectively, connected TV is poised to reach more viewers with digital targeting, analytics, and engagement: a win-win for consumers and marketers.

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