Insights from the Masters of Marketing

October 19, 2015

By Bill Duggan

ANA just wrapped up our Masters of Marketing annual conference and the following are select insights from our “master” speakers.

Don’t “keep up with the Jones.” Beat the Jones. Lead and don’t follow.
          — Jeff Charney, chief marketing officer at Progressive Casualty Insurance

Understand the power of start-ups. “Dance with strangers” as start-ups can teach you a lot.
          — Dana Anderson, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Mondelēz Intl

Innovation and disruption don’t come from homogeneous groups of people. Marketers need to drive greater diversity across all thinking. 
          — Brad Jakeman, president of global beverage group at PepsiCo

Disrupt with love! Do that rather than having the mindset that you’re going to “crush” an incumbent competitor.
          — Kira Wampler, chief marketing officer at Lyft

Brands can grow in multiple generational directions, simultaneously.
          — Mark-Hans Richer, chief marketing officer at Harley-Davidson

Fight for superior creative. Nothing takes the place of great, great storytelling.
          — Linda Boff, chief marketing officer at GE

Think like a challenger brand. A challenger tone helps drive innovation.
          — Loren Angelo, director of marketing at Audi of America

Please check out the ANA website for session recaps from the Masters as well as videos and other conference news. 

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