The Five Biggest Trends on the State of Ad Agencies Now from the Digiday Agency Summit

October 30, 2015

By Bill Duggan

Earlier this week, I attended the Digiday Agency Summit, where I also gave a presentation on the ANA transparency initiative. Shareen Pathak, brands editor at Digiday, opened the summit with a terrific presentation on the state of ad agencies now, highlighting the five biggest trends. 

Trend #1: The new competition
Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, and Epsilon are among the “non-traditional” ad agencies now providing marketing and agency-like consulting services, offering new competition to traditional agencies.

Trend #2: Talent
The average annual agency turnover is about 30 percent. Only the tourism industry has a higher turnover rate. Conference attendees used stickies to post their top issues on the “Digiday Challenge Board” and talent had the most mentions, by far.

Trend #3: Creative & Media — Can They Work Together?
That question has been asked since the days of unbundling, more than 20 years ago. But with the lines blurring between creative and media (e.g., native advertising), this issue may be more important than ever.

Trend #4: Transparency & Trust
I had the honor of speaking on this topic later during the conference and an interview with Tanya Dua followed resulting in the article, ANA on ad tech: 'There's complexity, murkiness and confusion.'

Trend #5: Creative in the Age of Digital
Quick, name a great television ad (that’s probably easy). Now name a great digital ad (pause, pause). Creative for the digital experience needs to improve.

Thanks to Shareen, Tanya and the entire Digiday team for a great event! 

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