Doing More with Less

November 12, 2015

By Andrew Eitelbach

Sometimes your plans are larger than your budget can afford. In times like those, you need to pare down, rethink, or get creative. For many marketers restrictive budgets are the norm, and finding enough money to effectively compete against other brands means making hard choices. As Amanda Brinkman, chief brand and communications officer at Deluxe Corp., says in the cover story of this month’s ANA magazine, “If I were to use my media budget to buy media, I would be a whisper in a hurricane.”

Whether it’s leveraging past professional relationships, turning offline experiences into online exposure, or collaborating with larger brands with more resources, find out how King’s Hawaiian, f’real, the World Surf League, and others squeeze the most value from their finite budgets. Read the article, "Making Every Penny Count," online now. 

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Plus, don’t miss this month’s special section from our partner Simulmedia on tracing offline sales to linear TV advertising.

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