BMA Advisory Board Chair on the Value of Membership

December 7, 2015

By Ken Beaulieu

When Howard Sherman joined the agency Doremus 12 years ago, one of his first orders of business was to become a member of the Business Marketing Association (BMA). “To me, it was an important opportunity to be part of the broader B2B community,” he recalls.

Long considered the marketing industry’s preeminent service organization for business marketers, the BMA comprises 16 chapters and 2,500 members that represent corporate professionals, agencies, small businesses, and suppliers. In 2014, the BMA became a division of the ANA, giving BMA members access to several new and significant membership benefits, as well as to an extended business marketing network. ANA membership currently includes 160 B2B marketer member companies representing 12,000 marketers.

Sherman, global CEO of Doremus, says membership in the BMA provides him with access to great events, industry-leading content, and the expertise of the organization. “It also has given me the opportunity to meet many people who specialize in B2B and share ideas and knowledge,” he notes.

Sherman, who was named chair of the BMA Board of Advisors last May, recently shared his thoughts on the value of BMA membership.

Q. What advice would you give to those who are contemplating BMA membership?
A. Being a member of the BMA is an essential way to advance your knowledge, expertise, and network. Our world is rapidly changing. The benefits of being able to tap into the resources of the BMA — which include content, webinars on key drivers of our business, events on a national and local level — are invaluable to staying current and continuous learning. It’s also a fantastic way to help your team become better marketers and provides a true sense of commitment to your talent base that you want them to be the best they can be.

Q. How has the ANA’s acquisition of the BMA benefitted BMA members like you and the B2B industry as a whole?
A. The ANA acquisition has given the BMA broader shoulders to deliver on its promise to serve the B2B industry in a holistic way. Prior to the acquisition, the BMA was comprised of volunteers, both on a national and chapter level. They were dedicated to amplifying and supporting the B2B community of companies, be they agencies, client organizations, or service providers. This worked well for many years, but as the business world has accelerated in pace and complexity, there was a built-in limitation of what an all-volunteer organization could achieve. The ANA provides tremendous infrastructure to help us deliver more to all our stakeholders and to elevate the importance of B2B marketing as a driver of business growth. We now can execute more robust events, both virtually and physically, and support the chapter network more proactively. We also have access to more content and more educational tools. And there is, of course, the commitment of the ANA to support and elevate the practice of B2B marketing excellence.

Q. What does the future hold for the BMA?
A. The future is all about staying abreast of all the new avenues that are emerging to us as marketers. We cannot stand still. The BMA is an invaluable resource to help you be part of the future of world-class B2B marketing. 

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