Predictions for Market Research in 2016

January 11, 2016

By Todd Kaiser, senior director, marketing insights strategist

Late last year, Leonard Murphy from GreenBook reached out to research industry thought leaders and asked us to share what we see as the “big things” that will impact the insights industry in 2016. He received 116 submissions and posted them on the GreenBook blog.

This was my response:
“In 2016, the paradigm shift will not only change how we do research (mobile, behavioral, digital, etc.), but what we research. The evolving economy (from the industry age ‘goods’ based to ‘service’ based to the more recent ‘experience’ based, and now into a ‘relationship’ based economy, where brand differentiation is driven by emotional forces as well as the social life of brands) will drive marketers to examine how their organizational culture affects how consumers relate to their brands. In this near-perfect information economy, where brands can no longer rely only on product attributes and features, marketers will need to understand how to change their organizational culture to align with the consumer’s culture in order to build enduring relationships.”

At the ANA, the Marketer’s Edge research program has already set out to discover how organizational culture can drive or hinder growth. We are currently conducting a survey to provide insight into organizational culture issues among members of the Marketer’s Edge community and the ANA. We’re excited to share the insights we’ve gathered when the results are released in a few months. A few preliminary insights gleaned from the partial data are: about half of the marketers say they don’t have the right organizational culture to achieve growth, and nearly as many say they’ve had a leadership change in the past one to two years that has substantially affected the company’s marketing strategies. Look out for a future blog post with other key findings.

The ANA Marketer’s Edge research program was designed to identify marketers’ challenges, quantify them through research, and transform the insights into customized guides, tools, and content to help marketers gain an edge for their careers and organizations. For more on the program and how you can be a part of it, visit this page

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