From Social Media to Social Good

January 15, 2016

By Andrew Eitelbach

Is there an adage that says doing well is not necessarily doing good? If not, there may be one soon. Years of building a social presence online and connecting with consumers through serviceable and entertaining content has changed how brands and consumers interact. Marketers have begun to focus on creating consumer-centric experiences and two-way conversations, and it’s naturally leading back to an old but worthwhile idea: brands that use their marketing to do more than just shill products and actually make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.
It’s not an idea reserved for nonprofits, education programs, and hospitals. Higher purpose brands come in all shapes and sizes and from every industry. And companies that rally behind a higher purpose aren’t necessarily sacrificing profits on the altar of social responsibility. There’s money to be made in doing good — just look at CVS Health, Patagonia, and Vaseline, to name a few brands profiled in this month’s ANA magazine cover story, “Making a Difference." 
Whether its improving people’s health, fighting for the environment, or easing suffering in war-ravaged or disaster-struck areas, marketing has the power to do good, and truly make a difference. Read this month’s cover story to find out how. 
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