ANA and 4A's: Yes, We Can Agree

February 17, 2016

By Bill Duggan

If one were to form an opinion on the state of the relationship between the ANA and the 4A's based solely on recent trade press reports, that relationship would appear to be seriously wounded. Consider these recent headlines:

  • "The ANA and the 4A's Confrontation"
  • "ANA-4A's Feud Heats Up"
  • "The ANA and the 4A's Clash"

Ouch! Can't these guys agree on anything?

Despite recent differences of opinion, the ANA and the 4A's enjoy a long-term collaborative working relationship, based on mutual respect.

In late January, the 4A's and the ANA released new guidelines outlining best-practice recommendations designed to bring industrywide consistency to how competitive reviews for project assignments are conducted by marketers and advertising agencies. However, since other high-profile industry news broke in late January, you likely never heard about this important industry collaboration.

The ANA/4A's “Agency Reviews for Project Work Guidance Considerations” were issued in response to an increase in reviews for project assignments and the absence of any industrywide consistency in how agency reviews for project work should be conducted.

Thanks to Ad Age for originally publishing this perspective (more in-depth than here) and thanks to Tom Finneran, EVP of agency management at the 4A’s for his partnership on this collaboration.

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