A Seven-Step Roadmap to Content Marketing Success

March 8, 2016

By George Stenitzer, Founder, Crystal Clear Communications

Content marketing is all about educating customers before selling to them. When you provide consistently useful content, you create smarter customers who are likelier to buy from you.

Content helps you build your market. Done right, it grows your email subscriber list, your social media following, your customers, and revenues.

But many marketers struggle mightily to get good at content marketing.

Only 38 percent of B2C marketers believe they’re good at content marketing, shows a 2016 study. Fewer than half say their organization is clear about what content marketing success looks like.

Over in B2B, it’s even tougher. Only 30 percent of business marketers say their organization is good at content marketing, down from 38 percent in 2015. Fewer than half say their organization is clear about how content marketing success even looks.

If you find yourself struggling to quantify the success of your content marketing efforts, you’re in luck – I’ll provide clarity at my upcoming ANA training workshop, Fast Forward Your Content Marketing.

Register and you’ll learn exactly how content marketing success looks and how to get there using a seven-step roadmap to advance and focus your program. 

The class is chock-full of real examples and case histories from leading B2C and B2B companies. Plus, you get useful templates and checklists to give you a head start.

As more and more marketers adopt content marketing, they’re hitting a wall called content overload. While more content is produced today than ever before, fewer buyers use each piece of content. Here’s how that looks:

To win at content marketing in the era of content overload, you’ll need to master these seven key steps to success:

  • Create your content marketing purpose and mission
  • Write your content marketing strategy
  • Outflank competitors with a content audit
  • Gain insights from buyer personas
  • Make your message compelling with a Message Map
  • Map content to the buyers’ journey
  • Measure to improve content performance 

To understand how you master these seven steps, register for my upcoming class. 

George is a Fortune 500 company marketer, the Content Marketing Institute’s 2013 Content Marketer of the Year, and chief content officer at Crystal Clear Communications. His upcoming course, Fast Forward Your Content Marketing, will be held in Chicago on April 12. 

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