Damage Control

March 10, 2016

By Andrew Eitelbach

It's hard to get marketers to talk about failure. It's especially difficult to get them to discuss situations in which their brands face trouble. And that's not surprising — who wants to talk about their own business's low points? Still, we wanted to do a story on what happens when things go bad. We reached out to a number of brands who have found themselves (or in some cases are facing) a PR catastrophe and, thankfully, a few brave marketers were willing to share their insights on what happened.
In this month's ANA magazine cover story, "Fall Out," we hear from marketers at Bank of AmericaChobaniToyota, and others whose brands have faced difficult situations and examine how they steered their way through the media storm, how they recovered, and what you can do to build your own disaster recovery plans. 
Plus, don’t miss this month’s special section from our partner the United States Postal Service, on bridging the gap between paper and pixels.
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