Programmatic Buying – What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?

March 15, 2016

By Bill Duggan

The ANA and Forrester just released the results of a new survey on programmatic buying and one of the more interesting questions was, “What, if anything, about programmatic buying ‘keeps you up at night’?” Lack of transparency made a number of appearances, as did issues related to data use and ad fraud. Compiled below is a list of representative responses from the survey:

  •  “Lack of transparency.”
  • “Viewability and ad fraud standards not being good enough.”
  • “Concerns about how much of our investment is actually making it to the marketplace.”
  • “Brand safety, viewability, transparency from the agency trading desk, ability to explain to senior management.”
  • “Lack of transparency and complexity of the model as well as bot fraud.”
  • “Higher level of fraud and high/nontransparent fees.”
  • “Complexity. Use of data. Finding and retaining talent.”
  • “Data use and leakage.”
  • “Keeping our marketing teams educated so they can make better decisions and being too dependent upon our agency to manage our ad dollars.”
  • “EVERYTHING! Lack of transparency into process and outcomes, coupled with concerns around fraud and quality, erodes the benefits of maximizing advertising investments.”

In order to sleep better, ANA members are strongly encouraged to ramp-up their programmatic intelligence. Knowledge is power. Advertisers need to take greater accountability and be in the know. Take control as it’s your money!

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