Content Marketing: The Why and How

June 14, 2016

By Kerry Breen

Content marketing is a fun buzzword to throw around, but it’s so much more. Effective content marketing involves more than churning out as much content as possible. According to Alex Cheesman, head of global marketing solutions at NewsCred, brands should “focus on quality. We do not have quantity of content problems. We have quality of content problems. If you’re not creating beautiful experiences for people, you’re equally behind the game.”

Providing consumers with content that is both relevant to them and of interest to your brands sounds fairly straightforward. However, it requires a strategy that aligns all aspects of brand communication under one purpose to give your company a memorable identity in the minds of consumers.

In a webinar, NewsCred recommended a focus on three kinds of content: tactical stories and best practices, data-driven stories, and CMO interviews and profiles. It also explained that brands should define what they want to be known for and what their customers want to read about. It is at the intersection of these interests that a brand’s content strategy can be found. This may sound obvious, but it’s worth taking a significant amount of time to figure out and then educate and align all internal teams. Read other key takeaways from the webinar here.

Additionally, many brands have challenges to overcome on their way to effective content marketing campaigns. Some of the top challenges reported by marketers are lack of budget, lack of time, and inability to prove ROI. According to the ANA’s “Content Marketing” infographic, creating engaging content requires resources that brands aren’t currently allocating for this purpose. Check out the reported stats here.

Next Steps for Your Brand 

  • Think About It: Begin by figuring out which stories make sense for your brand to tell by answering the questions: “What does my brand stand for?” and “What does my audience want to read about?”
  • Do It: Although setting aside resources is key for an effective content strategy, brands can test out content creation now by starting small. Post a series of short-form, text-only content, such as blog posts, key takeaways, or interviews.
  • Measure It: Having analytics in place, even rudimentary, is essential to convincing senior management that content marketing is something your company should invest time and money in. 

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