Award Winners: Catching Up with Allstate

June 29, 2016

By Talia Fisher, associate manager of committees and conferences at ANA

The final deadline for the ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards is approaching (July 8!), but if you need some extra application inspiration, just look to Allstate, who took home top honors in the Asian category last year.  Their winning combination of nuanced, emotional insights and creative messaging helped them reach one of the fastest-growing multicultural segments in the nation: Asian Indians. I asked Georgina Flores (pictured), vice president of integrated marketing communications at Allstate, just how they built their strategy around their brand promise and how winning an award amplified these efforts. Read on to see how you, too, can elevate your brand by entering the Multicultural Excellence Awards.

How has winning an ANA Multicultural Excellence Award positively affected your company's performance and the way your company is perceived by customers?

Winning an ANA Multicultural Excellence Award for the Hamare Haath, Aapke Saath campaign is a great honor for Allstate, its employees and agents. This recognition supports Allstate’s commitment to keeping all of our customers in good hands. In addition, it reinforces our approach to building an emotional relationship with the Asian Indian community by connecting with them in a culturally relevant way.

Describe the positive impact winning an ANA Multicultural Excellence Award has had on your company.

The ANA Multicultural Excellence Award for the Asian Indian targeted campaign, Hamare Haath, Aapke Saath, contributes to the pride Allstate employees and agents have for our company and brand. It supports both our commitment to putting all customers in good hands, and our reputation for inclusive diversity within our company — a key value for the Allstate community.

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