Congratulations to Newly-Elected Chairman Walden

December 2, 2016

ANA congratulates Rep. Greg Walden (OR-2) on his election as the new Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. As a long-time owner and operator of radio stations, Rep. Walden is keenly aware of the importance of advertising to the U.S. economy and to businesses of all sizes. Rep. Walden has also shown a deep understanding of the thriving, dynamic internet ecosystem during his Chairmanship of the Communications and Technology and Subcommittee. He has consistently emphasized the need to continue developing policies that will balance the needs of all stakeholders – including advertisers – in this space.

We also want to express our appreciation of current Chairman Rep. Fred Upton’s (MI-6) outstanding service as Chair of the committee for the past six years. We look forward to continuing to work with him and all members to ensure the rights of advertisers are protected in the development of legislation and the other activities of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

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