Transparency, Fraud, Programmatic, Data, & Agency Relationships

January 4, 2017

By Bill Duggan

Five issues that were on the top of the agenda for marketers last year – transparency, fraud, programmatic, data, and agency relationships – will continue to be urgent issues in 2017. As we kick-off a new year, marketers would find it helpful to reflect back on ANA positions on these issues.

  • Media Transparency: Prescriptions, Principles, and Processes for Advertisers from ANA and Ebiquity/FirmDecisions outlined recommended responsibilities for advertisers and agencies to address the transparency issues identified in the K2 Intelligence study.
  • Sourced Traffic: Buyer Beware!: Sourced traffic –any method by which digital media sellers acquire visitors through third parties – is unique to digital advertising. Marketers investing in digital advertising need to understand the issues associated with sourced traffic, including high levels of bot fraud, and the action steps required to optimize spending.
  • Programmatic Transforms Digital Media Buying: Programmatic buying remains a huge opportunity as marketers are allocating a greater proportion of their media spend there while expanding its use to all media types. While programmatic offers the benefits of targeting and efficiency, it also has challenges including a lack of transparency and higher levels of fraud. This ANA/Forrester Research white paper provides a view on the "current state of programmatic" among the client-side marketing community.
  • Using Data to Manage Agency Relationships — What's Important to Marketers: To better understand how ANA members are using data to manage agency relationships and how learnings can be applied to optimize client/agency performance, ANA and Decideware looked at 37 different data points across broad categories including media, billing/budgets, agency time/fees, production, and creative.
  • Agency Reviews for Project Work: Project assignments are on the rise. Project assignments are limited in time and scope, and are usually driven by a need to address a defined business opportunity. The ANA and the 4A’s collaborated to provide clients and agencies with considerations to help optimize the review process for project work.

Happy New Year!

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