How PepsiCo Brought Content In-House

January 12, 2017

By Molly Knol

In 2014, PepsiCo took a bold step to help its content stand out. Not wanting to rely on third-party vendors for content, the food and beverage powerhouse launched a 4,000-square-foot content creation studio within its SoHo offices. After all, why rent when you can own? 

Named “Creators League,” the main ethos of the studio is to produce content that people actually want to see. Since its inception, it has produced scripted series, films, music, reality shows and other content designed to be distributed on TV, online, and on streaming services like Hulu and Amazon. 

Having its own in-house content studio has created a number of advantages for PepsiCo. For one thing, the studio serves to complement, not replace, the work the company does with its agencies. It also presents the opportunity to create video and content for multiple media channels at a lower cost and with higher frequency than before. According to CMO Kristin Patrick, who oversees the content studio along with Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo's global beverage group, the company will be able to craft 400 pieces of digital video and content a year with the help of the studio. 

Plus, following in the footsteps of brand like Red Bull that have found success with this model, PepsiCo also hopes to sell enough unbranded content to cover the costs of creating more traditional ad content that promotes sales. 

Although not yet a profit center, the studio is proving to be a good investment for the company. Last year, it signed a development deal with AOL's Partner Studios to co-create a lineup of branded and unbranded content around lifestyle and entertainment for distribution on AOL and Microsoft properties. The company is also leveraging its expertise in working with musicians to make a coming-of-age movie in collaboration with hip-hop artist Tip "T.I." Harris and management and production company, The Firm. 

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