The ANA Celebrates 1,000 Members

January 17, 2017

By Ryan Dinger

The end of 2016 saw the ANA reach a new milestone. In December, we eclipsed the 1,000-member mark for the first time in our 107-year history. With 21 new client-side member companies and 13 marketing solutions provider member companies added over the last month of the year, ANA members now represent an estimated 15,000 brands.
Below, you can find some other fun facts about the makeup of ANA’s membership:
And here is a look at some other landmark developments in the ANA’s history:
  • 1910: ANA is founded in Detroit, Mich. by 45 companies with the intention of safeguarding and advancing the interests of advertisers and consumers.
  • 1911: Chevron and Coca-Cola join the ANA.
  • 1912: Kodak and Johnson & Johnson join the ANA.
  • 1913: Procter & Gamble and General Electric join the ANA.
  • 1914: The ANA creates the Audit Bureau of Circulations for print periodicals.
  • 1936: The ANA co-founds the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).
  • 1942: The ANA and other groups establish the War Advertising Council, which later becomes the Ad Council.
  • 1963: The ANA helps establish the Joint Policy Committee (JPC) for Broadcast Talent Union Relations, which negotiates contracts for SAG-AFTRA.
  • 1971: ANA, the 4A’s and the American Advertising Federation form an alliance with the Council of Better Business Bureaus to create an independent self-regulatory body, the national Advertising Review Council.
  • 1974: ANA membership climbs to 420 companies and 5,550 individuals.
  • 1988: The ANA and other trade groups combine to form the Ad Tax Coalition.
  • 1996: ANA, along with 40 major advertisers, created the Family Friendly Programming Forum. This esteemed body created 23 primetime television series including Gilmore Girls, Brothers and Sisters, and Friday Night Lights.
  • 2010: The ANA celebrates its centennial.
  • 2014: The ANA acquires the Brand Activation Association and the Business Marketing Association.
  • 2015: The Advertising Educational Foundation becomes a subsidiary of the ANA.

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