ANA Congratulates President Donald J. Trump on his Inauguration

January 23, 2017

Today, the Association of National Advertisers congratulates President Donald J. Trump on his inauguration to the White House, as well as the new administration that will be leading our nation for the next four years. We look forward to working with the new leadership in the executive branch, as well as with Congress in support of policies that advance the interests of the American people.  

As the new administration settles into office, we hope they will consider some issues which are of great importance to the advertising community. Advertising plays a central role in the American economy. Studies by the highly renowned economic forecasting group, IHS Economics & Country Risk, have found that advertising supports $5.8 trillion, or eighteen percent, of U.S. output and 20 million jobs in the U.S. Advertising is one of the major drivers of economic activity, consumption, and job creation in the U.S. It also provides the driving economic force for financing both the traditional and digital media industries. As the financial underpinning of media outlets that afford access to much of the media content available today, the advertising industry provides businesses and consumers the ability to effectively and efficiently share essential information, helping to protect competition and preserve the strength of our economy. For these reasons, it is important to all Americans that advertising is supported and continues to thrive.  

The Trump Administration and Congress have jointly established corporate tax reform as a shared priority to be acted upon rapidly. We strongly support these efforts to improve the current system. We also urge the new administration to preserve the current treatment of advertising expenditures in any upcoming reform. The deductibility of advertising costs ensures the opportunity for companies to communicate as efficiently as possible with customers, while providing unparalleled value to consumers, the marketplace, and the American economy as a whole.  

ANA pledges to do all it can to assist the efforts of the new President, the Administration, and the Congress to strengthen the economy and help serve the American public.

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