Video: Ad Age's Bob Garfield on Social Media and Listening to Your Consumer

April 11, 2011

By Grace Bello

Whether or not you attended our 2011 ANA Brand Conference presented by The New York Times, get key insights from Advertising Age's Bob Garfield in this Scribe Media video interview. Here, he discusses, among other topics, how social media can help create a relationship between a brand and its consumers:

The novelty of having a Facebook page for a brand is long gone. It is now de rigueur, right? 'Do we have a Facebook page? Check.' That's very different from understanding the whole purpose of being there. You have to understand what kind of conversations are going on here and what that means and how to make it integral to your brand ethos, your brand values.

Readers, what have you learned from your customers via blogs, Facebook, and Twitter?

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