13 Takeaways from #ANAMedia

March 3, 2017

By Bill Duggan

P&G's Marc Pritchard at the 2017 ANA Media Conference

P&G's Marc Pritchard at the 2017 ANA Media Conference

The ANA Media Conference just wrapped up and we all learned so much. Here are my key takeaways from the thirteen (13) terrific general session speakers.

  1. Marc Pritchard, Procter & Gamble: Media transparency cannot be delegated. The CMO needs to get into the weeds and work with all parties.
  2. David Verklin, Boston Consulting Group: Media and creative are coming back together again driven by advanced analytics and data.
  3. Ellen Healy, Pepsi: Content needs to be mobile first and shareability is more important than ever.
  4. Terry Kawaja, LUMA Partners: Consolidation is starting in the LUMAscape; 90 percent of the companies are going out of business (w/o successful exits). But new companies will emerge in categories including AI, VR, IoT and television.
  5. Ari Sheinkin, IBM: We are entering a new era of marketing called cognitive marketing.
  6. Belinda Smith, EA: It's important for brand marketers to have a very strong internal baseline of media expertise, whether media is planned/bought in-house or not.
  7. Kathy Greif, The Dali Museum: VR allows an immersive experience to connect with an audience, although the category is a bit like the Wild West right now.
  8. Corey Maynard, YETI: Influencers need to be authentic and there is value in connecting with niche influencers — people who believe in a brand before they are paid a dime.
  9. John Nitti, Verizon: Media complexity requires internal expertise.
  10. Amy Halford, General Mills: Using first-party data to target provides incremental sales lift, and marrying first-party and third-party data helps to amplify audiences.
  11. George Ivie, Media Rating Council: MRC accreditation is critical for large digital enterprises (wall gardens) as the more transparency we have from vendors on data and performance, the greater advertisers can trust the platforms.
  12. Anna Griffin, CA Technologies: Co-creation is all about two partners creating something unique — and spreading the word.
  13. Miri Rodriguez, Microsoft: Every brand has a story to tell and that story needs to be consistent with the mission of the brand.

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