Holding Company and Agency In-House Facilities for Production/Editorial and Music

April 24, 2017

By Bill Duggan

The production industry has evolved in recent years as advertisers seek greater efficiencies in production spending and more content is needed to reach consumers throughout an increasingly fragmented media ecosystem which includes traditional television, digital place-based media, brand websites, digital video and more.

In response to changing market conditions, agencies have adapted by increasing their service offerings. In-house solutions have shifted from being service centers for clients — offering convenience and savings for certain kinds of work — to being profit centers for agencies and holding companies. Many holding companies and individual creative agencies now have in-house production/editorial and music facilities. Years ago it was not uncommon for some of the bigger agencies to have such in-house facilities for simpler projects such as demos, test commercials, video for new business pitches, mechanical edits, resizes, dubbing, etc. Today's in-house facilities in many cases are positioned as more robust and complete integrated production resources, that often compete with independent companies. In-house production/editorial units at the holding company level include:

  • Havas — Studio6
  • IPG — Craft 
  • Omnicom — eg+ Worldwide 
  • Publicis — Prodigious
  • WPP — Hogarth and Townhouse

Meanwhile, in-house production/editorial units are common at the agency level.

Marketers need to be aware that many holding companies and agencies have in-house production/editorial units as well as music resources. Every advertiser should know, by name, the specific in-house resources for their holding companies, agencies, and affiliates.

Consider the resource list, "Holding Company and Agency In-House Facilities for Production/Editorial and Music," to be a start.

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