10 Best Tools for Building a Shopper Marketing Program

June 19, 2017

By Arielle Feger, associate manager, marketing knowledge center



Establishing a shopper marketing program can be incredibly difficult for organizations both big and small. But with these ANA tools and templates, available exclusively to ANA members, marketers can make their shopper marketing programs faster, easier, and more efficient for everyone involved.

  1. Shopper Marketing Roles Framework. First, you need to assess your current shopper marketing capabilities. This tool organizes shopper marketing efforts across six categories: roles, responsibilities, process, technology, content and metrics.
  2. Shopper Marketing Partnership Prioritization Tool. Interested in strategic partnerships? This tool helps to determine the best retail or brand partners compatible for your organization.
  3. Shopper Marketing Budget Template. Input projected and actual expenses to create an analysis of and monitor your budget. This tool automatically generates graphs and calculates year-to-date and cumulative spend.
  4. Shopper Marketing Business Case. It's essential to get buy-in from executive leadership. This tool features a pre-organized, pre-formatted report that you can use to share your shopper marketing research.
  5. Shopper Marketing Insights Database. One of the most important elements of a successful shopper marketing campaign is consumer insights. This tool allows you to effectively manage shopper and consumer behavioral insights.
  6. Shopper Marketing Project Plan. Once your insights have been gathered, it's time to put together a plan. This tool includes an example plan, outlines key considerations, and can act as a communication device to the whole team.
  7. Shopper Marketing Vendor Selection Tool. If you are looking for a shopper marketing vendor, use this tool to contrast, compare and rank possible shopper marketing solutions.
  8. Shopper Marketing System RFP. The RFP process can be stressful and complicated. This tool simplifies the process by providing a fully-formatted document with places to put a scope of work, business requirements, and estimated budget/resources required.
  9. Shopper Marketing Program Strategies. This tool provides key tactics, trends, and channels to help you plan your shopper marketing campaign.
  10. Shopper Marketing Metrics Dashboard. After your campaign has launched, use this tool to keep track of your metrics and campaign progress.

Looking for more tools and templates? The ANA's Shopper Marketing Toolkit contains all of the tools listed above and many more to help you on your shopper marketing journey!

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