Gal Gadot Receives Second #SeeHer Award

January 16, 2018

By Urey Onuoha

Actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins celebrate with #SeeHer executives and advisory board member Katie Couric at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards. Courtesy of #SeeHer


Last week, actress Gal Gadot was honored with the #SeeHer award at the 2018 Critics' Choice Award. The star of the 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman was recognized for embodying the values set forth by the #SeeHer movement, which include pushing boundaries on changing stereotypes and recognizing the importance of accurately portraying women in media and entertainment.

When one considers the parallels between Gadot's character and her actions in real life, it's easy to see why she was chosen for the award. Diana Price, her character, is a goddess who fights for justice and equality without hesitation. In real life, Gadot has used her Wonder Woman platform to speak out against injustices in the entertainment industry as well as the importance of gender equality and standing up for what's right. For instance, in her rousing acceptance speech last week, she was clear in her call for more action toward equality and in her promise to stand up for "those who can't stand or speak for themselves."

Actress Gal Gadot accepts the #SeeHer Award at the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards. ANAmarketers/

When #SeeHer launched in June 2016, the initiative's mission was to achieve a 20 percent rise in the accurate portrayals of women and girls in advertising and media by 2020, the year strategically chosen as it's the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. In the time since its launch, the movement has recognized women who are pushing boundaries on changing stereotypes. This includes Viola Davis, last year's #SeeHer award winner and diversity and equality advocate; Olympian Simone Manuel; and actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens. In addition, its mission has also been promoted through partnerships (see CBS, MTV and Viacom, and "Celebrity Page") and the development of the proprietary Gender Equality Measure (GEM™) module, which is used to assess realistic portrayals of girls and women in advertising.

The visibility and positive reception of the #SeeHer movement is particularly important as the advertising industry continues to face its share of criticism on diversity and gender equality issues. Though a step in the right direction, there is obviously still a lot to be done before the initiative's mission is not only met, but surpassed and maintained. To borrow a quote from Gadot's acceptance speech: "Although this is progress, there is still a long way to go."

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