10 Nuggets from #ANAMedia

March 7, 2018

By Bill Duggan

Johnson & Johnson's Luke Kigel speaking at the 2018 ANA Media Conference. ANA


The ANA Media Conference had a record 691 registrants and we all learned so much! Here are 10 nuggets that I took away.

  1. American Eagle, Kristen D'Arcy: Social listening and response are most effective when the command center is near the consumer; American Eagle has theirs in the same building as a retail store.
  2. Anheuser-Busch InBev, Lucas Herscovici: Programmatic has been taken in-house at ABI. When you have people take ownership and control, you can have better quality ads plus savings.
  3. Ford, Lisa Schoder: When evaluating new innovation, adapt a continuous improvement mindset and reserve resources — human and financial — to test new approaches.
  4. J&J, Luke Kigel: Shift media approaches from mass to precision to provide greater relevancy. Focus on a high value audience, plan by behavior, and use addressable content.
  5. La Quinta, Amy Bartle: We need real world research to understand the real world of media.
  6. Nationwide, Eric Frum: Incorporate more robust language into agency contracts to address transparency concerns.
  7. Pivotal Research, Brian Wieser: Marketers will increasingly invest in their own media channels.
  8. Plantronics, Michael Kelly: With influencer marketing, focus on micro-influencers who have high relevance with the desired audience, rather than celebrity influencers.
  9. Procter & Gamble, Marc Pritchard: There is great value in reuniting media with creative.
  10. Target, Kristi Argyilan: Look under the hood and understand the quality of your data. Data quality distinguishes good advertising from more random ads on the internet.

I am already looking forward to the 2019 ANA Media Conference, April 10–12, back in Orlando, Fla.

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