New ANA/Forrester Survey — Good News For TV Industry

May 18, 2018

By Bill Duggan

Sergey Nivens/

It's "Upfront time" and the television industry is currently top-of-mind for many in the ad community. A new ANA/Forrester report, "The Digital Transformation of Video Advertising Arrives," has some very positive news for the television industry. Some highlights:


  1. Traditional TV is still the best "one-two punch" for both short and long-term sales.
    • Traditional television is a significant driver of long-term brand building objectives, rating much higher than online video, social media, and mobile video ad networks.
    • Traditional television also rates as being strong for short-term sales, behind only social media.
  1. Marketers are bullish on how television is evolving.
    • Television will become more targeted — 94 percent top two box agreement.
    • Television buying will become more automated — 84 percent top two box agreement.
  1. The majority of respondents believe that television has retained or improved effectiveness.
    • Eighteen percent believe television has improved effectiveness over the past five years.
    • Forty percent believe television effectiveness has stayed the same.
    • Forty-two percent believe effectiveness has decreased. Key reasons cited for the decrease in effectiveness are more viewing on ad-free services (e.g., Amazon Prime, HBO, Netflix) and increased fragmentation of the media environment.
  1. Television advertising is at the cusp of significant change as marketers are incorporating the data-driven approaches of addressable and advanced TV into their plans.
    • Fifteen percent of ANA members report incorporating addressable and advanced TV buying techniques into plans today, with another 20 to 30 percent testing these approaches this year.

A key conclusion of the report is that television will begin to win back some of the money that has flowed from television to digital — good news for the TV industry!

Our appreciation to Forrester Research for their partnership on this survey. The report can be found on both the ANA and Forrester websites.


Bill Duggan is a group EVP at the ANA. 

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