Why Patrón Is a True Technology Innovator

April 27, 2018

By Meghan Medlock

Patrón is creating new, immersive brand experiences with its AR app, The Patrón Experience. Patrón Tequila/YouTube

Patrón Spirits has a rich history of being innovative, connecting tequila with the technology-savvy folks who love it. Since 2013, the business has grown 30 percent while maintaining a 70 percent share of the U.S. market and has become the most mentioned spirit brand in the world.

Recently, the brand has found success with a number of technology-driven initiatives that include a VR tour of the private Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico, where its tequila is produced and bottled. In addition, it partnered with Amazon Echo to allow consumers to talk to Alexa like a bartender for cocktail ideas, and has worked with Foursquare to leverage location data across the globe to offer local drink recipes.

Late last year, Patrón unveiled its latest and greatest with The Patrón Experience. The Experience app connects tequila drinkers to the authenticity and versatility of its tequila by letting people into the brand experience in a fun and exciting way. Users can see where the spirit is distilled, fermented, and handcrafted in every bottle through the ARKit engine (for iOS 11). It is a great opportunity to use the technology to continue the rich story the brand has already been telling for years. Patrón markets the app through its website and top social channels as well as a modest investment in paid media. It is also utilizing chatbots (called "bot-tenders") to walk consumers through Patrón recipe options and ultimately get consumers to the recipe they are looking for.

At this year's ANA Digital & Social Media Conference, Adrian Parker, VP of marketing at Patrón, will share insights into how his brand is disrupting technology and leading not only the spirits category, but many other industry verticals in technology innovation. As marketers look for the best ways to tap into the power of new innovations, he will share his beliefs on the progression of the customer journey and creating quality brand experiences.


Learn more about how Patrón Spirits is disrupting technology at the ANA Digital & Social Media Conference, July 25-27, in Rancho Palos Verde, Calif. Adrian will be joined by top marketers and digital leaders from companies like Mastercard, T-Mobile, Airbnb, Under Armour, General Motors, and more.


Meghan Medlock is the senior director of conferences and committees at the ANA.

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