7 Key Takeaways from ANA Influencer Marketing at Advertising Week New York

November 9, 2018

By Leah Marshall

ANA's Bob Liodice and Unilever's Luis Di Como in conversation at ANA Influencer Marketing at Advertising Week New York. Leah Marshall

This October, the ANA programmed a full day of sessions on influencer marketing at Advertising Week New York. The day featured:

  • Influencer case studies from top brands, including Unilever, Hasbro, Cigna, T-Mobile, and SharkNinja
  • In-depth discussions on hot-button issues in influencer marketing, including fraud and brand safety
  • The latest from the platforms, including Twitch and Twitter.

Below are seven quick takeaways from the event that will help you maximize your influencer marketing ROI.

  1. Storytell, don't storysell. People want to be inspired and entertained by creators, not told what to do or what to buy.
  2. Let audiences actively engage and share their ideas with the brand. If you're a brand, be the platform that allows influencers to create active engagement moments for their audiences and your customers.
  3. There is a misguided obsession in our industry with the KPI of reach and followers. An influencer's audience engagement is more important than their follower count.
  4. Get creative with the influencers you select. Even influencers who have no credibility in their subject matter but have mass appeal can be wildly effective at influencing behavior.
  5. Influencers can be even more powerful to a brand than mega-celebrities. Engagement fuels passion. A celebrity could walk through VidCon and not a head will turn, but a YouTube influencer would need a 20-person army to protect him or her. Why? When people post, the influencer responds and the celebrity doesn’t.
  6. Consumers are ninjas when it comes to detecting authenticity. Brands should enlist influencers that already love and use their products and believe in their mission.
  7. Influencers must always disclose their relationship with the brand. This doesn't just apply to cash compensation but also when they receive a free product, service or anything of value, or have a family or employee connection to the brand.

For more including the full session recaps and session videos, please visit this page.

Leah Marshall (@LeapCast) is a director of influencer marketing at the ANA.

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