10 Speakers and Insights from #ANAMulti

November 21, 2018

By Bill Duggan

Coty's Ukonwa Ojo onstage at the 2018 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference. ANA

The 20th annual ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference recently wrapped up in Miami, and we learned a lot. The content was amazing and here are insights from 10 of the speakers.

  1. Marc Pritchard, CMO at Procter & Gamble: When leaders step up to talk about tough issues like bias, it gives others permission and emotional safety to talk, change attitudes, and address bad behavior.
  2. Tony Rogers, chief member officer at Sam's Club: Multicultural marketing is about the head and the heart. Regarding the head, it's just math, as multicultural consumers will be the majority of the population before too long. Regarding the heart, corporate America has the opportunity to play a huge role in driving positive discourse in our culture and doing good in society.
  3. Roger Solé, CMO at Sprint: If you want to compete in multicultural, you need to invest. Invest in insights, measurement, top partners, top talent, and integrated marketing (i.e., not just advertising).
  4. Ukonwa Ojo, CMO, Consumer Beauty at Coty: Go beyond multicultural advertising. Look at people on your teams, behind the camera, and more to ensure representation of diverse groups. Further, don't rest at 'having' diversity, 'use' it.
  5. Roger Frizzell, SVP and chief communications officer at Carnival Corp.: In order for businesses to thrive, there must be innovation. To drive innovation, there needs to be diversity of thinking and ideas.
  6. Michael Lacorazza, EVP of integrated marketing at Wells Fargo: With all the cultural and demographic shifts of a changing America, brands are struggling to grow. Not adapting and pivoting is leaving economic opportunity on the table. All future growth will come from multicultural marketing.
  7. Ricardo Marques, group VP of core and value brands at Anheuser-Busch InBev: The opportunity for diversity has never been better. Given the changing population, diversity enhances creativity, which drives better business results.
  8. Ed Laukes, group VP at Toyota North America: Use a total market approach with one brief to drive consistency and integration. That includes targeted and relevant campaigns, with targeted insights, over different segments.
  9. José Vélez-Silva, VP of multicultural marketing and communications at Comcast Cable: It is mathematically impossible to grow without growing with multicultural audiences.
  10. Ben Feeney, global senior director of innovation and new initiatives at MillerCoors: Polyculturalism is the intertwining of, and interaction with, multiple cultural influences and identity dimensions. It reflects or embodies multiple cultural influences. Polyculturalism is all around us and the context of the world we live in today.

Thanks to our awesome speakers — not only the ten highlighted above, but everyone! The 21st annual ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference will be November 6–8 (Wed–Fri), 2019 in San Diego, Calif. I'm already looking forward to it.


Bill Duggan is a group EVP at the ANA.

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