Nationwide Finds Value iNHouse

December 5, 2018

By Crystal Albanese


Three years ago, at the directive of its CMO, Nationwide created iNHouse — its internal agency. Comprised of account and project managers, and team members focused on creative and production, the agency is well-poised to create and execute breakthrough work for the Fortune 100 brand. At the inaugural ANA In-House Agency Conference in 2019, Mike Boyd, SVP of marketing at Nationwide, will shed light on the internal agency, highlighting its approach to working with external partners and how it balances process efficiency with creative inspiration. Ahead of the conference, we sat down with Boyd to gain more insight into iNHouse. Here's what he shared:

Q. What was the reason behind starting iNHouse at Nationwide?

We had various functions of an agency (account managers, writers, designers, production/delivery, etc.) spread across parts of the organization. Our goal was to centralize and be more purposeful about the quality and consistency of our work. We also wanted to create an environment and creative culture to help the team develop and grow. It goes without saying, we had a strong business reason to bring these resources together to uniformly manage not only our intake and workflow process, but also deliver a compelling ROI. At a time when our business partners need more from marketing, and they need it delivered efficiently, an internal agency model is critical to our organization's success.

Q. How large is the internal agency?

We're structured like a full-service agency with account and project management, writers, designers, and production/delivery teams. We also have a photography, video, and motion graphics studio within our walls to handle the growing demand for producing relevant consumer and product-specific content.

Q. Do you work with an outside agency and if so, how do you determine what work goes to them versus to your team?

It's a fairly easy decision for us. We have AORs, like Ogilvy, that take the lead in creating our national campaign work while our internal team is joined at the hip with our business partners delivering creative solutions that are on the front lines of driving business growth. We see our external agencies as close partners, not competitors — they are complementary to our efforts. It takes the whole team to support the marketing breadth of our business needs.

Q. What work are you most proud of that's come out of the iNHouse team?

It's easy to jump in and highlight award-winning work, but we're most proud of being an internal agency that can meet almost every demand of our business. We have the ability to flex to handle a wide range of run tasks, and at the same time, deliver on large scale strategic, breakthrough work. Our unique position inside Nationwide allows us to work closely with our business partners to propel a Fortune 100 company forward to drive results.

You can learn more about the value of iNHouse to Nationwide when Boyd speaks at the 2019 ANA In-House Agency Conference, March 13–15, 2019, in Orlando, Fla.


Crystal Albanese is a senior manager of committees and conferences at the ANA.

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