Read the Tea Leaves at #ANAAdLaw

February 7, 2017

The cloudy crystal ball of U.S. politics is increasingly confusing for legal and regulatory fortunetellers as Washington adjusts to the rapidly changing governmental and regulatory landscape. While an increased level of uncertainty will be the norm at least in the near future, those in the advertising realm need to understand how these changes may affect their day-to-day operations or how to appropriately respond to the new challenges we face.  

Need answers? This year’s 13th Annual Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference could not be timelier or more relevant. This year’s list of speakers includes critical movers and shakers in the legal, legislative, and regulatory space. We will have sessions on FTC enforcement of advertising disclosures, technology as advertising’s hidden weapon, global advertising issues, and ethics challenges for the 21st century.

Come to the conference to meet regulators, influencers, and law enforcers including Rebecca Meiklejohn of the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division, Connecticut Attorney General and President of the National Association of Attorneys General, George Jepsen, Acting FTC Chair Maureen Ohlhausen, and Wall Street Journal reporter Suzanne Vranica. Also, hear from top legal counsel from some of the world’s largest advertisers, including L’Oreal, American Express, Dell, Fiat Chrysler, Unilever, Subway, InterContinental Hotels, and Mondelēz. Interact with Ad/Fin Solutions, TubeMogul, and White Ops, key technology companies poised to offer solutions you need to know. And, of course, learn more about what’s in store for all of us from the world’s A-List of private practitioners. While reading the tea leaves may seem like an increasingly difficult task, this conference will help you stay one step ahead. Register today!

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