Super Bowl 51 Again Puts Spotlight on Advertising

February 3, 2017

With Super Bowl LI just a few days away, leading advertisers from major corporations and many ANA members are busily preparing for what will not only be the biggest broadcast event of the year, but certainly the biggest advertising day of the year as well.  

Since the mid-1970s, the Super Bowl has consistently attracted enormous viewership, with more than 111 million people tuning in to watch the game in 2016; and that’s not taking into account the millions more who streamed the game online. Clearly, many advertisers view the opportunity to reach this vast audience as a critical marketing opportunity, which is why the cost of a 30 second commercial now averages $5 million. As added proof, repeat participation from advertisers year over year continues to underscore that the benefits of advertising during the Super Bowl for many companies are worth the substantial costs.  

The continuing evolution of media platforms are also providing added benefits to advertisers, as consumer engagement with ads has led to the creation of full campaigns to promote a single Super Bowl spot, including the release of teasers and even full ads prior to the game to build anticipation and excitement. The interactive landscape now allows consumers rapidly to share and discuss commercials beyond the live game. And if you tuned to the morning news shows this week, you would have seen that many of them were already previewing some of the ads likely to gain attention and spur debate.

It is well known that for a substantial number of viewers, the Super Bowl ads are as entertaining and anticipated as the game itself, and the Super Bowl puts a bright light on the ad industry that plays a critical role in spurring job growth and strengthening the U.S. economy. In 2014, advertising accounted for $5.8 trillion in overall consumer sales, totaling 16 percent of all sales activity in the U.S., and supported 20 million jobs, or 14 percent of all U.S. employment. In 2017, those numbers are expected to rise to $6.8 trillion in consumer sales and nearly 22 million jobs.

So enjoy the game! Advertisers are proud to be providing this entertainment to the more than 111 million viewers for free and continuing to be the financial foundation of sports, entertainment, news, and information in virtually every medium.

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