ANA Welcomes Jessica Rosenworcel’s Renomination to the FCC

June 16, 2017

ANA is very pleased to see the President moving forward on filling open Commissioner slots at the FCC. Jessica Rosenworcel would bring to her new FCC term a great deal of background and experience in telecommunications matters, acquired during her many years of public service. She has been a thoughtful member of the Commission, always willing to listen and to engage with the advertising community on many important issues.  

In this time when the roles of the FCC and FTC regarding privacy are in major flux, it is extremely important to have a full complement of members at these agencies. As we mentioned in a previous post to this blog, now that the FCC is moving forward with rolling back its Open Internet privacy order, it is critical that both the FCC and FTC are returned to full five-member commissions so that the area of online privacy can be governed in a consistent and thoughtful manner. Not only is the FCC in need of two additional Commissioners, but the FTC is in need of three more members – two Republicans and one Democrat – to return to full operational capacity. We eagerly await President Trump’s nomination of one more Commissioner to the FCC and three Commissioners to the FTC.

Furthermore, we strongly urge the Senate to act quickly on confirming Jessica Rosenworcel.

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