California State Legislature Needs to Act Now on Privacy Bill

August 20, 2018

When the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was rushed through the legislature in just one week, with no real time for careful consideration, the chief sponsors indicated that they would consider a “clean up” bill this month to fix the technical defects in this sweeping new law. The vehicle for that “clean up” bill is SB1121 and the legislature has only a couple of weeks remaining in their session to pass this important bill.

Working with the California Chamber of Commerce, industry identified a number of specific changes that need to be made to address negative unintended consequences of the drafting. Several consumer groups have responded in opposition, arguing that the “sky is not falling” and that companies who have prepared for the GDPR can easily comply with the CCPA.  

That is simply not true. Today we wrote to the chief sponsors and the Republican leadership to respond to the inaccurate claims of these groups and to point out some of the very damaging impacts almost certain to be generated unless the CCPA is substantially altered. It is absolutely critical, for both consumers and businesses, that the state legislature act now, this month, to fix as many of these serious defects as possible. 

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