Global CMO Growth Council Task Force on Responsible Personalization

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 << NOTE: This event is private, and only open to a limited number of select CMOs. >>

New Task Force: Responsible Personalization

Lead by:

David C. Edelman, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School


We are thrilled to be launching the new Responsible Personalization taskforce on August 9 at 11am ET.  Please join us for this [virtual] kick off meeting to discuss the changes in personalization and the ability to reach consumers/customers, with the advent of generative AI. We review what you are experiencing, works and what doesn’t, and the actions we will be taking to pull together learnings, creating a living guide tied to what is most useful to you in your role. Your participation and contributions are key to making the output meaningful to your organization and the industry at large.

This is a virtual meeting. The link will be provided after you register.