Future of Stakeholder Growth: Sustainable Innovation

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<< NOTE: This event is private, and only open to a limited number of select CMOs. >>


With a deep understanding of consumer insights and the ability to tell authentic and human stories, CMOs and marketing leaders provide a unique perspective in the C-Suite to drive collaborative innovation for the good of the planet, consumers and, the bottom line. But sustainability remains a largely untapped growth opportunity for many brands.

Join the ANA Global CMO Growth Council Society & Sustainability Working Team to discuss how marketing can drive growth by centering sustainable innovation. Sustainability presents an opportunity for CMOs, as it provides an opportunity to think differently about consumer/customer challenges, reinvent storytelling, and create new lanes of collaboration internally at our organizations. Please join us to share the insights that have helped your brand to grow, or to advance the role of sustainability within your strategy.


Thursday, September 21, 2023
- 10:30am

Networking and Light refreshments, Introduction to the Day

- 11:20am

Ad Net Zero: The Role of Brands in Emissions Reduction from Advertising

Brand leaders, and particularly CMOs, have the power to influence the marketing supply chain to reduce emissions from our own efforts, those of our partners, and the actions of our consumers. In this session, Ad Net Zero will be joined by a leading CMO to discuss how brands can lead the reduction of carbon emissions from advertising, and how focusing on more sustainable advertising results in more effective marketing.

- 11:35am
Meta Climate Survey Research

Emily Wood, Senior Researcher for Climate at Meta will review results from the Meta and Yale University global survey about public views towards climate change.

Emily Wood
Senior Researcher for Climate Meta
- 12:15pm

Boston Consulting Group: Mainstream Green Growth Strategy

Closing the intent to action gap is a mammoth challenge for marketers in 2023, but also presents a significant growth opportunity. While there is a niche consumer group that is actively making purchase decisions based on sustainability, the majority of consumers favor performance, price, and convenience before environmental footprint. This discussion of BCG's Mainstream Green strategy will provide an opportunity to look at your own strategy with peers to identify areas of potential growth through sustainable innovation. By centering core consumer preferences and needs in our innovation strategies, marketers can increase the mass appeal of their more sustainable products and drive growth or find sustainable solutions for products that drive significant business.

- 1:00pm

Working Lunch with Discussion of Barriers to Sustainability in Advertising

As sustainability maintains its position as a cultural priority and permeates further into business strategy, CMOs have an opportunity to drive its impact on our industry. In this discussion, we will identify the pitfalls we want to avoid in sustainability in marketing, how we can make sustainability work better for us, and where there is opportunity to think differently about our current approach.

- 1:45pm
CMO-led Case Study Discussion Featuring Rupen Desai

Rupen Desai, CMO and Venture Partner at Una Terra and former Global CMO at Dole, will lead a discussion with attendees on a case study from his time at Dole, focusing on how centering sustainability has directly impacted business results in his work. The discussion will include time to ask questions about how to do this work, challenges faced by your brands, how to navigate the current culture of polarization, and to share how your organization has leveraged sustainability for business growth.

Rupen Desai
Venture Partner Una Terra
- 2:00pm