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Global CMO Growth Council Data, Technology, and Measurement Working Team: MarTech Update

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<< NOTE: This event is private, and only open to a limited number of select CMOs. >>

Join your CMO peers for this special two-part executive forum on Marketing Technologies and Valuable Customer Engagement.

In preparation for this meeting, here are a few questions for you to consider:

  1. What use cases do you want your MarTech stack to be able to execute today that it cannot do today?  What are you doing to close the capability gaps?
  2. What is the ideal organizational and team structure, and talent needed to optimally run your stack? how does that compare to what you have in place today?  What are you doing to close these gaps?


Tuesday, October 10, 2023
- 2:45pm

Marketing Technologies

Reducing inefficiencies and gaining transparency in the Programmatic supply chain is a top priority for many Growth Council delegates. At the same time, delegates also feel their MarTech stack is not operating on all cylinders and improving this is a huge opportunity to unlock growth! To help you get more out of your digital investments, especially as you finalize your budgets for the coming year, we’ve put together an executive forum specifically focusing on Marketing Technologies:

  • Review the global landscape and key trends that you should know about
  • Discuss the evolution of MarTech, what to expect looking forward, and the impact on your business
  • Address the challenges, share insights, and take actionable steps to optimize your MarTech stack

You won’t want to miss this forum if your MarTech is anything short of an ideal state. And, if you are there or close to it, please let us know so we can share your insights and experience.

- 3:30pm

Valuable Customer Engagement

Creating personalization, responsibly, while navigating cookie deprecation, mitigating risks and deepening trust, are core to building value with customer engagements that drive growth. CMOs and marketing leaders need to articulate very clearly the value proposition for personalization.

Join the new Customer Engagement Taskforce (previously ‘Responsible Personalization) to discuss how marketing can drive growth by deepening customer engagement in the age of AI. We will be focusing on the following key areas:  how to create a consistent value stream, what are the enablers to unlock, and how to navigate challenges or risks.  We look forward to having you share how you have balanced the need to innovate with stakeholder expectations, and discuss what you can do to deepen your customer engagement.