Analytics & Data Science

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INTRODUCTIONS (9:45 – 10:00AM)

I. 2018 Analytic Challenge Winner Presentation (10:00-11:00AM)
Cartesian DataSciences developed the highest scoring algorithm for the 2018 ANA's DMA Analytic Challenge creating a solution for analyzing a set of first-party data provided by a direct marketer of consumer products that predicts new customers' six-month "lifetime" value to the marketer. The Challenge partner was DataLab USA who contributed the evaluating and scoring. Hear the methodology involved and modeling trends. The Analytic challenge attracts the highest level of analytics practitioners and data scientists along with academicians to solve real marketing issues and drive growth. Companies previously honored include top firms such as ADTHEORENT, Influent50/AARP, DataLab USA, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Rapid Insight, Fractal Analytics, and DMW Worldwide.

Jim Griffin, Americas Director, Cartesian DataSciences
Aaron Davis, Chief of Analytical Services, DataLab USA

II. Multi-touch Attribution (MTA)  - What questions should brands be asking? (11:10-12:10PM)
With the rapid shift to digital purchasing, B2B CMOs are still challenged to bring together their analog and digital worlds with real intelligence. This panel will discuss and share actual examples of approaches to this hybrid attribution problem. 

David Bush, Director, Marketing Analytics & Data Science, IBM
Helen Hsia, Analytics & Data Professional, IBM
Robert Edelman, Manager, Performance Marketing, Analytics, Data & Media, IBM

LUNCH (12:10–12:50PM)

III. Machine Learning & AI for Marketing: Reality vs Expectations (12:50-1:50PM)
You've been reading about the hype and hearing many claims, opinions and forecasts for the future of marketing in a Machine Learning and AI world. Some are exciting, and some are concerning. What makes sense for your business? What time frame should marketers be looking at to implement these technologies?

Dr. Devyani Sadh, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Data Officer, Data Square
Leo Kluger, Principal Data Scientist, IBM
Matt Ryan, Director of Database Marketing, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Jim Griffin
, Americas Director, Cartesian DataSciences
John Friedmann, Manager Analytics, Deloitte
Amit Deshpande, SVP Analytics, Epsilon

This is your time! Engage your fellow committee members in open discussion around evolving issues and current challenges in marketing analytics. Get guidance for your pain points. Share your thoughts on trends and hot topics in ML, AI, and more! This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers.

Dr. Devyani Sadh, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Data Officer, Data Square
Leo Kluger,
Principal Data Scientist, IBM
Lisa Merizio Smith, DMA Committees, ANA/DMA