B2B Committee @ Deloitte in Rockefeller Plaza

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I. How Design Fueled the Foundation of S&P Global's Digital Transformation (10:00 - 10:50AM)
How do you take a 150-year-old company that is comprised of fractious division brand names and cultures, and transform it into a unified, hyper-relevant brand? A design-led vision and a bedrock positioning of how S&P Global delivers Essential Intelligence to its users. Join S&P Global's VP/Global Head of Brand and Digital Strategy Alice Cherry and Firstborn CEO Dan LaCivita, as they discuss the launch of a modern-day brand and a completely redesigned digital experience for S&P Global. From a dated and fragmented digital ecosystem to a cohesive, omnichannel experience, the talk will cover how to create a master brand strategy that leverages digital to deliver a more focused value proposition.

Alice Cherry
, VP/Global Head of Brand and Digital Strategy, S&P Global
Dan LaCivita, CEO, Firstborn

COFFEE BREAK (10:50AM – 11:00AM)

II. The Essential Role of Employee Communications in Shaping Culture and Driving Performance (11:00 to 11:40AM)
Increased competition. New and evolving technologies. A tight labor market. These, and similar business realities facing companies in practically every industry make employee communications more important than ever. Once primarily focused on sharing company and employee news, employee communications now should serve as a strategic imperative for every organization. That’s because effective employee communications create dialogues and inspire actions which, taken together, drive and fortify a corporate culture that leads to growth and success for everyone. Simply put, strong corporate culture equals strong business performance. And strong employee communications is essential to achieving both.

This presentation will look at trends affecting employee communications and best practices for developing a program that leads to employee engagement. We’ll share examples of integrated employee communications programs in action, including a discussion about measuring results.

Brad Rye
, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Eric Mower and Associates

III. Make the Pain of Running a Business Humorous: Growing a B2B Startup with Creativity and Advertising (11:40AM to 12:20PM)
Among the concerns a small business startup, marketing and advertising can seem secondary -- yet in the case of Justworks, the payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance platform startup, it has been the multi-layered marketing creativity that has both defined a sustainable brand voice and boosted brand awareness. In this presentation from Justworks VP of Product and Marketing Camilla Velasquez, she unpacks the brand’s award-winning collaboration with AdAge Small Agency Year Gold winner Circus Maximus, alongside the agency’s founder Ryan Kutscher. Providing a case study in how startup brands can harness creativity and advertising in a B2B environment, they cover:

  • The power of a strong B2B brand voice
  • Opportunities for humor and emotional depth
  • Explaining a complicated product with candor and self-reflection
  • Launching a B2B campaign built to remain relevant in different forms over a longer timeframes
  • How to stay fresh without abandoning your audience

Camilla Velasquez, VP, Product & Marketing, Justworks
Ryan Kutscher, Founder, Circus Maximus

One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a "closed door" environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. In this roundtable, we will ask members to share 1-2 "hot topics" or key areas of focus/challenge as a way to facilitate more one-to-one networking between members with similar challenges during coffee breaks and lunch. Come prepared to pose questions, exchange ideas and get insights from the group to current challenges, future opportunities and best practices in this "off the record" peer-to-peer conversation.

IV. THE “B2B MEDIA EXCHANGE” FOR ADVERTISERS: Improve Ad Spend ROI Through Programmatic Buying with Transparency and Qualified Media (1:00PM to 1:40PM)
Marketing investments are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate an ROI. Technology innovation has improved buying execution and analysis.  These advancements have also compromised the quality of available media in the supply-side ecosystem. Programmatic advertising streamlines operational functions while connecting data with media inventory, however, getting started can be intimidating for buyers. BPA has taken steps to simplify the planning and activation process with its programmatic platform.  B2B marketers should expect assurance that ad spend is directed soundly in online and offline media. Effective advertising requires brand safe and credible media environments with accredited measurement of viewable audiences. Online and offline data which informs should be validated ensuring quality. Such a marketplace should be cost efficient for the marketer and the publisher without the excessive ad tax experienced in B2C. A self serve model should exist where marketers can transact with trust with a direct pipeline into the supply-side platform. Glenn Hansen will share with you how a B2B industry collective was initiated to accomplish just that! BPA Worldwide, the industry owned not-for-profit, has pooled member resources to provide the B2B marketer with the B2B Media Exchange, the high quality B2B environment that leverages automated efficiencies to connect media buyers and owners.

Glenn J. Hansen, 
President and CEO, BPA Worldwide

V. How Jägermeister Created an Entire World for Its New Global Branding to Inhabit for a B2B Audience (1:40 to 2:20PM)
After unveiling a new, global brand identity in it’s ‘Ice Cold’ and ‘Be The Meister’ campaign, Jägermeister needed to create a brand world for its story to live in that would motivate and excite distributors.What turned out to be the most talked about event at the Wines & Spirits Wholesale Association Conference, all started with a mysterious hologram invitation. Upon entering the underground experience, visitors were enchanted by the future-like world packed with interactive art and live performances that brought the legendary alcohol brand to life. The discussion will highlight how to use environmental technologies to create branded worlds that leave lasting impressions, and how to engage with a consumer at every touch point during the experience and well after they leave. You may even get your own cold, dark shot of fun.

Josh Horowitz, Founder, CEO, Fake Love