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Speaker: Paul P. Robinson,
Director, Commerce & Content MarketingANA

I. Session 1: Making Dough with Content Marketing (10:15AM – 10:55AM)
Athens Foods is a family-owned phyllo dough company that has been around for 60+ years. The brand has a loyal following and a versatile product line, but limited marketing efforts over the past few decades meant that Athens was losing sales to big puff pastry brands with even bigger budgets. Hear from the brand and advertising agency, Mythic, on the scrappy content strategy that lead to big performance (including a complete digital overhaul, the creation of more than 250 pieces of social content in a short time, 20 videos produced, and 30+ key influencer relationships formed). Ultimately, the digital and social work paved the way for a totally new brand and the launch of a new product line among other positive results.

Chase Ames, VP Sales and Marketing– Athens Foods
Leah Sanders, Group Account Director– Mythic

II. Session 2: Branded Social Programming: How Brands Can Win Creating Original, Episodic Content (11:00 AM – 11:40PM)
Heather Freiser is no stranger to storytelling—she’s made it her mission to amplify the voices of women in marketing by sharing the stories of over 340 women through her Work It book, Facebook Watch show, and All the Social Ladies podcast.

With the rise of online streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go, long-form television-style content is more popular than ever—and it’s increasingly making its way to social media. In this talk, Heather will explore how brands and creators can use Branded Social Programming to capitalize on this still-burgeoning territory and tell narrative stories that authentically resonate with customers.

Speaker: Heather FreiserVP of Content, Likeable