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I. Session 1: The Meaning of Meaningful: Content for the New Facebook News Feed
 (9:25AM – 10:15AM) 
Facing pressure from multiple directions, Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has begun a massive overhaul with long-term implications for marketers. Among the biggest changes is a News Feed update, which shifts the goal of Facebook’s product from serving relevant content to generating “meaningful social interaction.” The update prioritizes content that connects users with their communities, rather than content that users consume passively. In this session, you'll learn what this change means for brands.

• Which types of content best drive meaningful engagement
• The industries that most benefit from this algorithm change
• How to create content that thrives within the new environment

Fer Wang, VP of Strategy, Likeable 

COFFEE BREAK (10:15AM – 10:30AM)

II. Session 2: Heineken: A Wild Lager Story (10:30AM – 11:20AM)
National Geographic and Heineken have teamed up to create 'A Wild Lager Story,' a branded content marketing campaign created to reveal the origins of its latest brew: H41 Wild Lager. Hear from Raul Esquer, the Brand Director for Heineken as he takes you through how they brought this story to life.

Raul Esquer, 
Brand Director, Heineken

III. Session 3: From Development to Distribution: How to Make Your Content King   (11:20AM - 12:10PM)
In today’s ever evolving world where attention is limited, everyone is trying to be relevant. Consumers today spend significant time on social media and demand that their entertainment behave like a friend, a phenomenon we call “Friendertainment”. Marketers are finding that it’s more important than ever to deeply understand their consumer and utilize various content marketing tactics to maximize engagement. In the session, we’ll unpack the content marketing and distribution tips and tricks we’ve seen work from thousands of brand campaigns, while providing actionable steps brand marketers can take to develop breakthrough creative.

Mary Murcko, SVP Partnerships & Revenue, Fullscreen

LUNCH (12:10PM - 12:45PM)

IV. Session 4: Generational Content Engagement Patterns and How it Informs Programming (12:45PM – 1:35PM)
It is crucial to know and understand your audience in order to create content for them. As the viewing and engagement patterns for young audiences continue to deviate significantly from generations before them, there are potentially massive implications for players in the digital content and TV marketplace. Whistle Sports will share their proprietary data on Gen Z and millennials and discuss how to leverage research and data to inform a content programming strategy, build an audience, and collaborate with brands and influencers.

Josh Grunberg, Head of Content, Partnerships & Talent, Whistle Sports
Jamie Peacock, VP of Marketing, Whistle Sports

One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a "closed door" environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. In this roundtable, we will ask members to share 1-2 "hot topics" or key areas of focus/challenge as a way to facilitate more one-to-one networking between members with similar challenges during coffee breaks and lunch. Come prepared to pose questions, exchange ideas and get insights from the group to current challenges, future opportunities and best practices in this “off the record” peer-to-peer conversation.