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I. Session 1: Influencer Marketing for Good (10:00AM – 10:45AM)
Developing an influencer strategy as a global non-profit takes more than a financial investment, it hinges on the ability to build authentic relationships. How do you reinvigorate a mission and drive a sense of urgency through influencers? What are some successes and learning opportunities of doing so? Join Susan G. Komen as they discuss influencer marketing for good.

Tracy Mueller, 
Senior Director, Digital Strategy, Susan G. Komen 

II. Session 2: Identifying Influencers with AI Technology (10:45AM – 11:30AM)
Eloquii is a women's plus size clothing line that had a challenge in identifying influencers at scale.  Buzzoole used their AI technology, specifically image recognition technology, to identify female influencers that were size 14+ with a specific follower demographic that fit the Eloquii audience.  By using AI technology, Eloquii was able to identify the correct influencers at scale without the manual search process.  

Charlotte Zoller, 
Senior Social Media Strategist, Eloquii
Jenni Morrison, 
US Sales Director, Buzzoole

LUNCH SERVED (11:30AM – 11:45AM)

The 3 Taboos of Influencer Marketing: Measurement, Brand Safety, & Fraud 
Almost every other form of media except influencer marketing has hard measurement metrics and verification standards. Learn why this is the case, the hurdles to transparency, how you can protect your brand to guard against fraud, and what lies ahead for influencer marketing. Come prepared to pose questions, exchange ideas, and get insights from the group in this closed door session. We’ll discuss the current challenges as well as future thought leadership opportunities and industry initiatives in influencer marketing for the Committee and ANA at large.

Nick Lynch, SVP Media Innovation, Thoughtful Media Group

III. Session 3: Winning the #1 Digital Super Bowl Campaign (1:30PM – 2:15PM)
According to AdWeek "Avocados From Mexico boasts one of the most dramatic and impressive rises to prominence in recent marketing history", and the social performance of the avocados' brand has been described by the global analytics platform Brandwatch as "unprecedented". Kinser will give us the inside scoop about the influencers marketing approach that has played a fundamental role in the success of AFM's extraordinary digital performance.

Ivonne Kinser, 
Director of Digital, Avocados From Mexico

Join in on the fun as we host a [friendly] competition between attendees to see who's guacamole recipe reigns supreme!  Continue thought-provoking and fun conversations from the day over the winning dishes and additional refreshments.