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Leah Marshall, Director of Influencer Marketing, ANA

I. How to Create a Successful Influencer Program that Closes the Sales Loop (11:15am-12:00pm ET)
Finish Detergents hadn’t engaged the Hispanic market before 2019, but knew the potential of the audience. Creatively, they didn’t have any assets that would be able to speak to the culture and were not interested in translating their “General Market” media because they knew it wouldn’t lead to a true cultural connection. Working with meticulously picked Influencer talent, Finish was able tap-into a cultural insight and authentically integrate into a Hispanic woman’s household story; thereby evolving mindsets and driving proven sales from the influencer effort.

Nobles Crawford, Content Strategy Manager - Reckitt Benckiser
Aliza Freud, Founder & CEO - SheSpeaks

II. No Rain Checks: Using Influencers to Celebrate Life’s Moments (12:00-12:45pm ET)
Bosch Automotive Aftermarket group and Bailey Lauerman teamed up in a campaign for the brand’s high-performance windshield wipers. The campaign called “No Rain Checks” celebrates the people who go out and experience life’s important moments, whatever the weather and was supported through a broadcast, radio, digital and social media plan. Learn how Bosch shifted its national messaging from product feature to lifestyle-focused to better address its audience - and hear from Bailey Lauerman’s influencer marketing experts on what it took to speak authentically to the brand’s followers.

Scott Sullivan, Marketing Communications Specialist - Bosch Auto Parts
Jessica Jarosh, Head of Account Leadership - Bailey Lauerman
Emily Mazurek, Social Media Director - Bailey Lauerman



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