Shopper Marketing

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I. Session 1: 
Don’t Let A Marketing Mix Model Ruin Your Day (10:00AM – 10:50AM)
Studies have shown that a marketing mix model’s ROI estimate for any marketing investment can be substantially impaired by the data inputs and modeling techniques used to represent that marketing investment. We have seen this for television, radio, OOH, social and other media.  That begs the question, how does shopper marketing fare in marketing mix models?  

A lot depends upon accurate ROI estimates.  An advertiser’s return on investment cannot be optimized if the ROI estimates are off.  The growth of the business may be hobbled if synergies aren’t identified and maximized.  Manufacturer – retailer relationships may suffer when the interplay between brand and retail investments is understated.

To answer this critical question, New America Marketing has retained Sequent Partners to conduct an objective, impartial, expert assessment of the situation.  While still in the midst of this project, we have already seen a number of opportunities for industry action to create value for all stakeholders.

This presentation will share a well-informed perspective on the issues and some of the potential opportunities.

Ethan Rapp,
Vice President Strategy and Insights, News America Marketing
Jim Spaeth,
Partner, Sequent Partners

COFFEE BREAK (10:50AM – 11:10AM)

II. Session 2: 
#UNFILTERED: Social Imagery and Brand Success (11:10AM – 12:00PM)
Brands know that social is a powerful tool to reach consumers. But how much influence do consumer-generated social images have on consumer trust? What role does this type of content play in the path to purchase? How can brands make the most of its value, across all three channels - online, in-store, and on social itself? Join Bazaarvoice’s Caitlin Guthoff to learn more about what the research says, and get practical advise for making consumer social photos work for your own brand.

Caitlin Guthoff, 
Account Director, Global Strategic Brands, Bazaarvoice 

Jean Marc Rejaud co-author of the new book “Converting Shoppers To Buyers – The Power of Shopper Marketing and Promotion” will kick off the roundtable discussion with topics from the publication: formally training aspiring shopper marketing professionals in any consumer-focused industries on the actual concepts, strategic alignment methods, and practical planning steps to conceive, develop, and deploy effective shopper marketing campaigns relevant to the digital/omnichannel era – based on shopper insights &  a strong creative process, and integrated into the overall marketing efforts of a brand.

One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a "closed door" environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. In this roundtable, we will ask members to share 1-2 "hot topics" or key areas of focus/challenge as a way to facilitate more one-to-one networking between members with similar challenges during coffee breaks and lunch. Come prepared to pose questions, exchange ideas and get insights from the group to current challenges, future opportunities and best practices in this “off the record” peer-to-peer conversation.

III. Session 3: Validating and Scaling your Experiential Investment with Content and Media (1:00PM – 1:50PM)
This presentation will focus on helping brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers spark sales with high level influence marketing, via a descriptive process oriented approach. Discussions will include distribution beyond social channels to includes in-store, displays, media and live retail events.

Paul Kontonis, 
Chief Marketing Officer, WHOSAY
Joel Ponce,
Director, Shopper Marketing, WHOSAY