Shopper / Commerce Marketing (Southwest Chapter)

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I. Session 1: Building Brand Marketing "Around" the Shopper (9:40AM – 10:30AM)
Tracy will share her experiences in building the Buzzballz brand with a strong consideration for the customer journey.  In building this fledgling brand, Tracy has pulled from her experience in order to think shopper & consumer first in building a marketing strategy from the bottom up.  Her approach has leveraged the entire customer journey and starts with the shopping experience, leveraging the use shopper & consumer insights for all content (in-store, awareness, digital/social).  Tracy will further expand on how smaller brands are eroding large brands' sales due to the personal approach that small brands have in their marketing.

Speaker: Tracy Frisbie, VP of Marketing, Southern Champion / Buzzballs, LLC

COFFEE BREAK (10:30AM – 10:40AM)

II. Session 2: Re-thinking in Store Experiences (even if you don’t sell at a store!) (10:40AM – 11:30AM)
When many think of in-store experience they consider in store sampling as a trial driver only. What if that was only part of the story? The impact of in-store sampling goes well beyond same-day trial and sales. These experiences also influence future purchase decisions. In-store sampling drives newly converted shoppers to repeat purchase, setting the stage for brand loyalty. Our recent analysis shows that 87% of product dollars on sampling day were from shoppers new to the product AND these shoppers had a 78% re-purchase rate within the next 12-months! These learnings can be applied across industries, channels and verticals.

Speaker: Brad Hajart,
SVP, Emerging Services and Innovation, Customer Experience, Advantage Solutions

III. Session 3: Media Optimization and Partnerships – Driving Consumers to Trial (11:30AM – 12:20PM)
LALA U.S. invests predominantly in digital media, leveraging the available data to be much more targeted and efficient with its spend. Last year, the company was focused on trial and amplified shopper programs, but this year it is balancing spend a bit more between shopper and brand. With this strategy, LALA in one year increased household penetration by 31% for its flagship brand and 57% for Promised Land. Vanessa will also present on how LALA leverages CPG partnerships at Retail to drive HH Penetration and trial.

Speaker: Vanessa Carlson Bueno, Senior Director, Marketing, LALA U.S.

Paul Robinson will discuss thought leadership opportunities for 2019 within the committee structure. In this short presentation, followed by a roundtable discuss amongst attendees, Paul will review our 2016 Shopper Marketing survey, the plans to field a revised survey in 2019, and other opportunities for the group.

Speaker: Paul P. Robinson, Director, Commerce & Content Marketing, ANA