Shopper Marketing, Midwest Chapter

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I. Matching the Tastes of Customers (10:00AM – 10:50AM)
In this session, Elizabeth Campbell, Sr. Director | US Marketing Delivery Lead, will discuss how McDonald’s motivates their customers to increase their visits to the restaurant, increases their order size and continues to respond to changing desires of the customer.

Elizabeth A. Campbell, 
Sr. Director | US Marketing Delivery Lead, McDonald's USA

COFFEE BREAK (10:50AM – 11:10AM)

II. Digital Shopper Marketing Strategies to Drive eCommerce Sales and Engagement (11:10AM – 12:00PM)
Peapod and MWG are partners in driving awareness of CPG digital campaigns throughout the Peapod Shopper's Journey. Building upon the success of Peapod's PPP program, MWG partners with CPG shopper marketers to drive AMPLIFICATION of Peapod merchandising events and EXTENSION of in-store events to the Peapod environment. Together Peapod and MWG strive to present a SEAMLESS Peapod grocery shopping experience to provide consumer VALUE with CPG content. 

Steve Grzeskowiak, Sr. Marketing Manager & Digital Media, Peapod, LLC
Tim Goeglein,
VP Shopper Marketing Sales, MyWebGrocer

Come prepared to pose questions, exchange ideas and get insights from the group to current challenges, future opportunities and best practices in this “off the record” peer-to-peer conversation.

III. Omni-Channel Marketing: Embracing In-Store and Ecommerce (1:15PM – 2:00PM)
A positive online shopping experience is critically important for today’s shoppers. Consumers desire a seamless integration between physical store and online, and this, more often than before, determines a brand's ultimate success. Meghan Flynn, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing at Elkay will share trends and best practices in retail and e-commerce.

-Creating unique but complementary experiences in Retail and E-commerce marketing spaces that drives value in the shopping channel
-Building customer-first marketing plans
-Using marketing assets and assortment to drive sales

Meghan Flynn, 
Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Elkay