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ANA/BMA16: Masters of B2B Marketing

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Learn how today’s foremost business marketers are building their brands, driving ROI, and elevating the importance and value of marketing at this years conference. See related content from the conference below.

The hashtag for this conference is #BMA16.

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Growth – How B2B Marketing Drives Business Results

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
12:00pm Registration Opens

1:00pm General Session

International Ballroom


Bob Liodice
Chief Executive Officer ANA
Howard Sherman
BMA Chairman
Linda McGovern
Incoming BMA Chairman


GE is a company that most people have heard of, but do you really know what GE is about? With that as the background, GE has worked to re-invent how it expresses itself across a multitude of channels. By innovating and being at the cutting edge of new and creative platforms that reach its various targets, GE is reinventing B2B advertising and content to reach its audience. Learn how GE has been driving the thinking behind this effort to help create world-class storytelling to make B2B, B2Human.

Linda Boff (@lindaboff)
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer GE
2:25pm Afternoon Day Part  

2:30pm General Session


In a break with its peers, business insurer Hiscox is running full force into risk. Typically, insurance ads talk about minimizing risk or what consumers and businesses have to lose due to risk and not about embracing it. The company's new campaign features men and women who took chances to open and expand their own businesses, be it an architectural firm or gym, with the tagline "encourage courage." Learn why Hiscox chose such an unconventional brand positioning in a very conventional category.

Russell Findlay
Chief Marketing Officer Hiscox
3:10pm Networking Coffee Break

3:30pm General Session Cont.

International Ballroom


Are you and your company being disrupted by startups and new forms of competition? Learn how start-up strategies can be used in any company, big or small. The key to success is in finding patterns in highly complex companies and processes then transforming that learning to drive new successes; the most successful marketers are able to transform the way they think – they do it the way entrepreneurs do. Today you need to disrupt or be disrupted!

Surprisingly new approaches and techniques to even the smallest elements can lead to great strides forward in growth and profits. Steve, an expert at applying start-up principles that stress leadership, speed and improved customer outcomes in complex organizations, will share how adapting these cutting-edge new skills while respecting a firm’s strengths and culture is what makes for advances in critical initiatives. Using case history examples, Steve will demonstrate how in-market successes are possible in almost every business category including heavy industry, financial services, software and health care.

Steve Liguori (@stephenliguori)
Founder and CEO Liguori Innovation


Recent studies prove the value of ABM; with 90% from one study calling it a B2B must-have. However, many marketers have yet to fully adopt this process as a business driver.  Why? Peter Isaacson, chief marketing officer at Demandbase, will outline why ABM is fast becoming the B2B strategy of choice using real business case histories as proof.  He and one of Demandbase’s clients will address what makes ABM so attractive right now is the way it combines insights for strategy and technology for execution. They will further surface why Marketing teams who understand ABM are in a powerful position to better align with sales as well as make smart choices about how to grow high-potential accounts.  And in the end, why these savvy teams are able to generate more business revenue, plus elevate the impact and importance of marketing within their organization.

Peter Isaacson (@peisaacson)
Chief Marketing Officer Demandbase
Sydney Sloan (@sydsloan)
Chief Marketing Officer Alfresco Software
5:00pm End of General Session

6:30pm Reception

Continental Ballroom Foyer
7:30pm B2 Awards Dinner/Gala  

The BMA B2 Awards are back and bigger than ever in 2016. The BMA's prestigious award program recognizes and honors business marketers who exhibit excellence in innovative global brand strategy, customer marketing strategy, integrated internal and external marketing communications strategy, e-business and/or new media strategy, and successful new product and service introductions.

This ceremony is the BMA’s opportunity to recognize outstanding business building marketing programs. By recognizing the 2016 outstanding programs, the B2B Awards allow us to showcase exceptional businesses, share knowledge and generate conversation around the creation of a stronger B2B business community.

Pat McGann
International Ballroom
Thursday, June 2, 2016
6:00am Sunrise Run Meet Up

Join past BMA Chicago President Suzanne Martin for a sunrise run along the beautiful Chicago lakefront! This is an informal meet up. Just show up by 6AM in the Hilton Chicago main (Michigan Avenue) lobby. The group will leave promptly at 6AM. Suzanne will lead everyone out to the lakefront for a run and have you back between 6:45-7AM. Walkers welcome.

Hilton Chicago Main Lobby (Michigan Avenue)
7:30am Breakfast  


Start your morning by testing your B2B marketing knowledge with Engineering360 Media Solutions. This session will focus on insights and results from Engineering360 Media Solutions’ annual Industrial Marketing Trends and Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector research. Show your B2B marketing savvy for a chance to win great prizes! 

Amber Cooleen
Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager Engineering360 Media Solutions
Linda Uslaner
Senior Product Manager Engineering360 Media Solutions
Continental Ballroom
8:30am General Session

International Ballroom
- 9:25am


The Content Formula answers the biggest question currently on marketer’s minds: what is the ROI of content marketing?  In this presentation Michael will outline how to build the business case for content marketing, how to find the budget to establish a new content marketing program, and how to measure content marketing success in business terms. With unused and wasted content costing B2B marketers alone a whopping $50 billion a year, the time to take a step back and identify problem areas is now so departments can focus on the areas that yield the most benefit to the bottom line.

Michael will share with the audience ways marketers can prove the exact return on investment they get from content marketing, highlighting its usefulness in any marketer’s toolbox.

Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael)
Author of The Content Formula
9:30am Morning Day Part  

General Session


As a leading business expert, cited in Forbes, and among many other business journals, Jeffrey has a unique take on how business leaders view and evaluate marketing. In this session Jeffrey will bring this to light by interviewing a CEOs and a CMOs on the value and importance of marketing in their company. We will see the perceived value of marketing from the eyes of those who need it to strategically drive business results – the CEOs. And from the viewpoint of the practitioner responsible for translating marketing activities into business driving actions.

Jeffrey’s unique interviewing style will provide a new look at the value of marketing and how marketers can themselves face the challenge of demonstrating real value as a growth component, versus a cost or expense.

Jeffrey Hayzlett (@Jeffrey_Hayzlett)

Primetime TV and Radio Host


Neal Campbell
Ash ElDifrawi
CMO Gogo
Peter Friedman (@peterfriedman)
CEO LiveWorld
Christine Gilroy (@GilroyChristine)
Vice President of Sales for Customer Experience Oracle North American Applications
10:15am Networking Coffee Break  

10:50am General Session Cont.

International Ballroom


Aon’s key advantage is its broad view of two of the most important issues in the economy today: risk and people. With an employee base of 66,000 people working in more than 120 countries, the company can anticipate how changes in one sector impact another.

Another advantage is the company’s client focus: Every day our employees ask, “How can we help a client or how can we help a colleague help a client?” Because each of our client groups has unique needs, our marketers ferret out those needs providing solutions the risk management team can use to drive business growth. Andrew will address how truly listening to customers as a partner, has given the marketing team the edge they need to provide Aon with solutions that work seamlessly for their customers. Learn how Aon marketers discover new opportunities to make their internal businesses more successful, now and into the future.

Andrew Miller
Vice President, Global Corporate Marketing Aon


Reuben Webb, executive creative director for Merck Animal Health’s agency Stein IAS will set the stage for Karin Jager’s presentation. Reuben’s strongly held belief is that some marketing decisions must be made based on intuition as well as data. Reuben examines human intuition, asking whether our industry has lost touch with this powerful decision-making tool. Prepare to have your minds blown (all will be revealed) when we choose “marketing with guts."

Then, hear Merck Animal Health’s compelling story from Karin Jager. By “marketing with guts,” Merck has been able to successfully disrupt the flea and tick protection category with its Bravecto brand. Bravecto has grown significantly since its launch, capturing sizeable share in this multi-billion-dollar category. Now, through creative intuition and marketing innovation, Karin and her team have been able to drive internal excitement that in turn is accelerating external momentum and revenue growth. One of the keys to Merck’s success has been the effective deployment of a global/local go-to-market framework. Karin will showcase how Merck has avoided many of the common pitfalls of global-to-local marketing organizations by having the guts to take a highest common denominator approach.

Karin Jager
Global Marketing Director Merck Animal Health
Reuben Webb
Executive Creative Director Stein IAS
12:20pm Luncheon  


Marketing has changed so much in the past five years that today’s CMOs are tasked with more than just running a well-oiled marketing machine. The modern CMO must lead the charge to align sales with marketing, balance brand with demand, and combine technology with strategy to generate predictable, scalable revenue — all while shifting the focus away from their company’s solutions to one focused squarely on their customers. Join David Jones, President of Yesler, to hear how the modern CMO is no longer just a Chief Marketing Officer; they must also be the Change Management Officer.

David Jones
Co-Founder and President Yesler


Raghu will address the leadership change taking place in the 21st century company; he will suggest repurposing the role and placement of leaders. Leaders should be where the action is: where customers are and where decisions should be made.

GE now uses this approach; distributing leadership in order to increase their relevance to the marketplaces they serve. In a networked world, the center of gravity is where the customers are, and leaders have to be part of that engagement. A leader is not someone who sits in judgment but is an active participant in the action, lending the necessary muscle on the ground.

Insights from this session will include:

  • Why new leaders are impact makers, game-changers, and why they are recognized for the disruption they have created. Leadership is about getting things done, not about the number of followers you have.
  • The horizontal leader leads ‘outward” because they are less concerned about the position of a leader and more by the influence and impact they have.
  • Such leaders are more connectors, and less commanders. They connect dots among the various eco-systems, making sense out of it, then using this understanding to propel the organization in a new direction.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy
Vice President, Human Resources GE Healthcare
Continental Ballroom
1:45pm General Session Cont.

International Ballroom


During the web design process, hundreds of decisions are made. Some of these decisions affect marketing far into the future. Some little web design decisions have a big impact on how you use Analytics.  But too many forget to ask simple questions that if answered up front help elevate your return at the back end.  Andy, through the use of explicit and relevant case histories, will help outline and answer three critical questions:  Are goals and conversions easy to track? Is the performance of content easy to measure? Can new tracking tools be added easily?  Those viewing this presentation will have a new perspective on how they should approach web communications.

Andy Crestodina (@crestodina)
Co-founder/Strategic Director Orbit Media
2:25pm Afternoon Day Part  

General Session


Forget stock photos, celebrity spokespeople and stale headlines. Unlike traditional financial services marketing campaigns, TD Ameritrade Institutional went off-script and turned the camera over to their clients — independent registered investment advisors (RIAs). TD Ameritrade Institutional is on a mission to show what it really means to work with a financial advisor who puts their clients’ interests first. 

To tell this story it launched The Human Finance Project, which is less of a business-to-business “campaign” and more of a powerful movement that sets it apart from the competition. By showing the truly human side of independent financial advisors, TD Ameritrade Institutional elevated its brand as well as its place in the hearts of their clients.

In this session, TD Ameritrade Institutional and gyro New York will reveal how getting a little more human, is a bold marketing approach, that has yielded a lot of success.

Kelly Caffrey (@kellyjcaf)
Marketing Director TD Ameritrade Institutional
Wendy Lurrie (@wendylurrie)
Managing Director gyro:New York
3:10pm Networking Coffee Break

3:30pm General Session Cont.

International Ballroom


Digital marketing is a crucial part of any B2B marketing strategy. However, BDMs and ITDMs are flooded with messaging across all platforms. Today, B2B marketers are faced with the challenge of breaking through the noise and using programmatic to optimize both content and marketing strategies to reach this much sought after audience. Using cutting edge data technology to fuel unique and creative strategies, Dell is going beyond Digital 101 to become a thought leader in the world of digital B2B marketing. Additionally, Ana will review…

  • How Dell Marketing is Tackling the Digital Marketing Evolution
  • Defining Programmatic
    • What Are the Components of Programmatic?
    • Case Study: Driving Higher Quality Traffic at a Lower Cost to Key Landing Pages
    • Lessons Learned
    • What’s Next?
    • Best Practices for Dynamic Creative Optimization
    • How Data-Driven Decisions Impact Cost and Engagement Rates 

Ana Villegas (@anavillegas)
Marketing Director, North America Commercial Business Dell


How many of you are doing a digital transformation project right now?

Marketers hear the same mantra everyday: keep up with customers, get to market faster, use real-time data. According to a survey Pega conducted with The Economist, improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention is the #1 goal of digital transformation. But the evidence shows we’re not yet there. We should be getting closer to customers but we have a long way to go. How can this be?

Let’s change how we think about digital transformation. It’s not just about efficiency and speed, mobile, cloud, big data. It’s about transforming customer relationships. Robert will share four tenets that the best brands in the digital era – and some of the largest companies in the world – live by, to be more digital and more human.

Robert Tas (@TasRobert)
Chief Marketing Officer Pegasystems, Inc
5:00pm End of General Session

- 9:00pm
The Chicago Garden Party Reception  

Join us for a networking event at nearby Millennium Park, featuring live music provided by BMA Chicago, light fare and drinks.  This reception provides a prime opportunity to network and get to know fellow conference attendees in a relaxed and beautiful garden setting. Shuttle buses will be provided to the event.

Park Grill: Plaza North Tent
Friday, June 3, 2016
6:00am Sunrise Run Meet Up

Join past BMA Chicago President Suzanne Martin for a sunrise run along the beautiful Chicago lakefront!  This is an informal meet up.  Just show up by 6AM in the Hilton Chicago main (Michigan Avenue) lobby.  The group will leave promptly at 6AM. Suzanne will lead everyone out to the lakefront for a run and have you back between 6:45-7AM.  Walkers welcome.

Hilton Chicago Main Lobby (Michigan Avenue)
7:30am Breakfast  


The best business-to-business brands know that winning requires the artful mastery of the entire customer and employee value chain — The Art of B2B®. Adam will delve into the five principles of The Art of B2B® to help your brand:

  • Uncover a bigger purpose that attracts talent and customers
  • Reinvent customer expectations during the entire relationship
  • Create and take market share from the competition

Adam Vasquez
President and Chief Executive Officer Sacunas
International Ballroom
8:15am General Session

International Ballroom


Content marketing is all the rage, but is it just a trendy fashion or another word for good advertising?  And, how do you balance different content strategies for different types of brands, or measure real results – like more inquiries, more satisfied constituents - or decreased costs.   The next four years will see a strategic inflection for marketing and advertising - and content will be at the core.  This session will talk through the business case, the process, the tactics and real-life examples of how real brands are using content to drive real marketing results.

Robert Rose (@Robert_Rose)
Chief Strategist Content Marketing Institute


More than 700 marketing and sales leaders recently ranked the most important factor in competitive differentiation. Interestingly, 57 percent chose sales conversations as the top reason for why customers choose you over the competition. This was 50 percent higher than the second-ranked factor, product innovation (37 percent), with both brand reputation and pricing trailing far behind in single digits.

How much time do you and your marketing team spend helping your sales teams develop and deliver great customer conversations – compared to efforts promoting your products and brand? How confident are you that your salespeople can articulate value, and that your customer conversations are the differentiated asset your company needs to win?

Tim and Juan will share a success story for unifying marketing and sales to transform your customer conversations into a game-changing asset.  One that specifically outlines the importance to:

-Develop messages with a distinct point of view that disrupts and differentiates
-Deploy those messages in stories that enable your salespeople to be remarkable
-Deliver stories along the buying cycle in a way that creates, elevates and captures value

Juan Corsillo
Former Vice President, Sales and Marketing United Rentals
Tim Riesterer (@TRiesterer)
Chief Strategy Officer Corporate Visions


B2B Marketers have long questioned their relevance, importance, and ability to be seen as business growth drivers by senior leadership. To determine why this is the case, ANA has undertaken the next phase of B2B research; to uncover how B2B Marketers can become catalysts for company growth and why so many B2B marketers still struggle to be viewed by their leadership as vital, strategic assets. Our study revealed an important fact – marketers feel they lack the measurement tools needed to rise above being considered an extension of the Sales Department.

Michelle M. Smith, VP of marketing at O.C. Tanner, will lead a panel discussion exploring why marketers feel this way, as well as other significant learnings from this major industry study. They will further address another compelling insight we discovered – marketers need only take a few simple steps to move from irrelevant to being perceived as critically important business growth drivers! You will want to hear both the survey results and how you can immediately put the suggested findings to work within your company to begin the transformation.

Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP (@MichelleMSmith9)
Vice President, Marketing
O.C. Tanner


Jo-Ann Osipow (@JOsipow)
EVP, Consulting, Brand and Customer Experience GFK
Linda Brunner (@LABrunner)
Vice President, e-Business Siemens Healthcare
Russell Findlay
Chief Marketing Officer Hiscox
International Ballroom


The abundance of devices, channels, and data has transformed digital, but it takes more than technology to ensure that brands are delivering exceptional digital experiences. Adobe’s Loni Stark will provide an ‘under-the-hood’ look at the company’s data-driven approach for its global marketing rallied around five pillars — Certified data platform, 360 customer view, Big data analytics, Customer communications, and Cross-channel engagement — that guides Adobe’s marketing from big data insights to customer value. Stark will also highlight the key trends that will evolve the role of marketing in the future.  

Loni Stark (@lonistark)
Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing Adobe
11:30am Conference Adjournment

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