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2013 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference presented by Meredith

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Sunday, July 14, 2013
4:00pm Preconference Session  

Brand Storytelling

In this session, we will explore the compelling content brands such as Disney create as they develop a narrative and a persona that connects them to their customers. Discover how brands and individuals are re-inventing advertising in digital and social media through stories that capture the imagination and foster engagement with the right audience.

Dan Reynolds
Director of Social Media Strategy Disney Interactive Entertainment
David Hayes
Head of CANVAS Tumblr
Pavillion 3-5
6:30pm Opening Reception  

Pacific Promenade Lawn
7:30pm Dinner  

Daily Mail Online has quickly become the most popular English-language newspaper website in the world. Why? According to social analytics firm 33 Across, MailOnline is the #1 most shared news site on the web. MailOnline has developed a suite of native advertising products designed to tap into the highly social nature of its audience and maximize paid, owned, and earned media. During the opening night dinner, MailOnline Global CMO Sean O’Neal previews the findings of an upcoming ANA Insight Brief on branded entertainment and content marketing, and discusses the latest trends in native advertising.

Sean O'Neal
Global CMO MailOnline
Featuring a special performance by RaVaughn
A rising R&B star who Ne-Yo calls “the new voice of women” Provided by Columbia Creative Agency immediately following dinner.
Pacific Promenade
Monday, July 15, 2013
7:30am Breakfast  

The Purchase Loop

The traditional purchase funnel – conceived in 1898 – no longer reflects the dynamic process of brand engagement, consideration and purchase. New national research identifies the 6 consumer behaviors that define a loop-like model, along with purchase paths that vary significantly by category.

Laura Salant
Research Director About.com
Pacific Promenade
8:30am General Session

RC Ballroom


Greg Kahn
Chief Business Development Officer Meredith

Opening Remarks

Bob Liodice
President and Chief Executive Officer ANA
Michael Donnelly (Host)
Senior Vice President, Group Head Global Digital Marketing MasterCard Worldwide

eMarketer: What All the Research Says, and Doesn't Say, About Digital

In this information-packed, take-no-prisoners opening session, eMarketer will share an exciting, data-packed keynote covering major trends in digital media, marketing, commerce and consumer behavior. Discover key takeaways from analysis of thousands of research studies collected from around the world, as eMarketer delves deep into media fragmentation, big data, content marketing, mobile behavior, the increasingly complex purchase funnel and other fast-changing marketing issues.

Geoff Ramsey
Chairman eMarketer

Unilever: Convergence of Media in Digital Age

At the heart of Unilever's new strategy, “Crafting Brands for Life”, are people, brands and magic with a heightened emphasis on ideas and creativity. This strategy guides all that Unilever does from innovation to communication. In a digital age, that means inviting and empowering people to own and shape the company’s brands. Rob Master, Vice President of Media, Americas and Europe will discuss macro digital and social trends and how they have shaped Unilever’s approach to “Crafting Brands for Life” within (or) in today’s digital media and consumer landscape.

Rob Master
Vice President, Media Americas & Europe Unilever
10:25am Coffee Break

10:45am General Session Continued

RC Ballroom

Marketing 2.0: Marketing Unleashed

Luanne Calvert joined Virgin America over two years ago as their chief marketer with the mission of promoting the carrier beyond its startup identity and positioning it as an established player featuring a hip, stylish customer experience. Under her leadership, the company achieved strong sales growth and launched the Experience Virgin America program, centered on an interactive digital experience that brings the airline’s next generation cabins to life through interactive videos and social media. Discover Virgin America’s approach to digital and social throughout their marketing funnel from brand awareness, customer acquisition, engagement, measureable sales results, and customer care to inspire actions that allow others to build the brand and ultimately make the sale.  You will also learn how the company leverages marketing driven content to inspire action across channels from the obvious (social media) to the less obvious (publicity, advertising, loyalty programs, entertainment, customer care, even research).

Luanne Calvert
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Virgin America

Taco Bell Gets Social With Millennials

The “insight” to marketing to today’s millennial? You actually DON’T market to them in the world of social media — you connect in ways that are authentic, relevant and real-time. Recognized as an emerging leader in social media, Taco Bell will share what they have learned from their most passionate fans, how the company has created unprecedented engagement across its digital and social channels — by working in a new way. Through the lens of its most recent product launch, Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, you’ll discover how aligning with its brand purpose and principles and using emerging tools to listen, engage and respond to fans can help other companies create relevant, breakthrough content. Discover what Taco Bell learned along their journey and how cross-functional teams are able to be agile by working together with a smart and nimble approach to increase loyalty and drive ongoing conversations that matter.

Tressie Lieberman
Director of Digital Marketing & Platforms Taco Bell

PepsiCo Beverages Innovates in Digital

Shiv Singh is a recognized digital marketer who focuses on how brands are being forced to transform with the rise of digital marketing and media. As the Global Head of Digital for PepsiCo Beverages (across paid, owned and social media) Shiv drives PepsiCo Beverages’ digital marketing agenda. Shiv is also the author of Social Media Marketing for Dummies and was recognized by Adweek in 2012 as a Top 50 Marketer. Discover Shiv’s overall approach to leveraging digital and social media and key insights on managing the PepsiCo Beverages’ portfolio wide digital media strategy, innovation, optimization and measurement efforts.

Shiv Singh
Global Head of Digital PepsiCo Beverages
1:00pm Lunch  

Women and Tech: How Mobile is Revolutionizing Her Daily Life

Women and tech maven Liz Schimel and digital disruption expert James McQuivey will discuss the seismic shift in consumer habits when it comes to digital, and how women are at the heart of this shift. For everything in women's lives now, there is a tech-based utility, with mobile emerging as the nerve center of her household. Liz and James will explain how women are becoming the new tech geeks of the future, and what that means for brands and marketers alike.

Carolyn Bekkedahl
Senior Vice President Meredith Digital
James L. McQuivey, Ph.D.
Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CMO Professionals Forrester
Pacific Promenade
2:00pm General Session Continued

RC Ballroom

Put a Ring on It: Moving Beyond Social Engagement

Social media has changed the way we do business and now business is changing the way we do social media. How do you measure, monetize and optimize social interactions in a business environment? Look no further than your closest personal relationship. Adrian Parker, head of social, mobile and emerging media for Intuit’s Accounting Division, will discuss how the global software company is approaching digital measurement and decision-making.  You will learn how ROI can come from the most important places!

Adrian Parker
Group Manager of Social, Mobile & Emerging Media Intuit, Inc.

Reckitt Benckiser Drives Digital and Social ROI Through Partnerships

During a period where many businesses have been become increasingly inward focused to deliver through recessionary times Reckitt Benckiser has placed heavy focus on strategic alliances outside their own business.  Reckitt Benckiser has applied its quantifiable obsessed rigor to a joint business planning approach with key retailers and Facebook to truly understand the effectiveness and ROI that exist behind social and digital media at large.  Discover how Reckitt Benckiser continues to outperform in the marketplace by leveraging strategic partnerships to drive essential KPIs.

Liam McCarten
Digital Marketing Manager, North America Reckitt Benckiser

HP Leverages The Power of Social Media as an Internal Tool

With over 330,000 employees worldwide, Hewlett-Packard is faced with the challenge of providing a forum for real-time internal communication. The company leveraged the power and value of social media as an internal tool by launching a global collaboration platform with “Facebook-like” features and innovative ways to live stream internal events and meetings. This year, the tool was deployed globally with excellent results and expects to have great potential in productivity gains, collaboration, and cost savings. Hewlett-Packard will share best practices on how they drive measureable results through connecting their employees around the globe using social media and technology.

Chris Curtin
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, Global Marketing Hewlett-Packard Company
4:30pm Adjournment

6:00pm Happy Hour Reception  

Interact, socialize and connect poolside for cocktails and conversation!

Monarch Pool
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
7:30am Breakfast

The Consumer Decision Journey

David Edelman
Partner and Co-Leader, Global Digital Marketing Strategy Practice McKinsey & Company
Pacific Promenade
8:30am General Session

RC Ballroom

MasterCard Worldwide: "The 10 C's of Digital and Social Marketing"

At MasterCard Worldwide, JR Badian oversees digital marketing strategy including brand campaign landing pages, display advertising, social media expenditures and community management, SEO strategies, Mastercard.us, and CRM for Priceless Cities. JR also oversees the digital agency relationships with MasterCard’s two talented digital shops; RGA and MRM. In this session, JR will discuss how to best execute brand campaigns in an ever changing digital ecosystem using “The 10 C’s of Digital and Social Marketing”.

JR Badian
Vice President of Digital Marketing and Social Media MasterCard Worldwide

Adidas America Strikes Gold With Digital & Social Media

For over 80 years the adidas has been part of the world of sports on every level, delivering state-of-the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories. Leading through innovation is one of the core strategies of adidas — brought to life through their digital and social media efforts. Discover how adidas leverages paid, owned, and earned media for their brands though integrated campaigns such as #TheReturn and sponsorships including the Olympics and the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Lia Vakoutis
Head of Digital Strategy, Sport Performance adidas America

Why It's Time to Stop Talking About "The Next Big Thing" in Digital

When did we become like 6-year olds playing soccer? Actually that's rhetorical. The marketing world has always clustered around chasing the "next big thing" only now it's exacerbated and exaggerated by an extremely volatile, disruptive, dynamic and rapidly changing technology environment. Best-selling author, Joseph Jaffe, will reveal a strategic and holistic approach to technology-based innovation and carve out a pragmatic process for marketers which includes digital, social and mobile.

Joseph Jaffe
Founder & Partner Evol8tion, LLC

Can't Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results

Today’s brands face an apparent choice between two evils: continuing to slash their increasingly ineffective advertising, or putting blind faith in the supposedly mystical power of social media, where “likes” stand in for transactions and a mass audience is maddeningly elusive. There has to be a better way… As Lennon and McCartney wrote a half century ago, money can’t buy you love. But in today’s world where people have become desensitized – even disillusioned – by ad campaigns and marketing slogans, that maxim is even truer: Money can’t even buy you like. That’s because we’ve entered the “Relationship Era” where the only path for businesses seeking long-term success is to create authentic customer relationships. Discover powerful new research, fascinating examples, and practical advice to illustrate how any company can thrive in the “Relationship Era”.

Doug Levy
Founder and Chief Executive Officer MEplusYOU and Co-Author of Can't Buy Me Like
12:00pm Conference Adjournment