Important ANA Action in Regard to GTLDs and ICANN

ANA has written to the President of ICANN and the United States Department of Commerce expressing our concern with ICANN’s recent approval of a program that will vastly expand the availability of Generic Top Level Domain Names (GTLDs).  If enacted, this program would allow the purchase of new GTLDs including nearly any word or phrase, even names of brands.  This, in turn, could allow domain brokers, competitors, or cybersquatters to register GTLDs, including the brand names of your companies.  ANA fears that this new program will put enormous financial burdens on member companies in protecting their brands.

We will be working on this issue extensively in the coming months, and we are asking for our members' help and input as we move forward.

For more information, including a video blog from ANA's President and CEO Bob Liodice, please visit our ICANN page.